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But Acuna was set apart, most likely by his defense, base running and role in pushing the upstart Braves into the postseason. While rookie of the year is an individual award, a close race can take team success into account. Acuna also showed more promise as a left fielder, a spot Soto was still getting accustomed to in 2018, making him a better all around option given how similarly the two players fared at the plate..

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The most potent risk factors researchers have found are also quite prevalent in the current context of COVID 19 quarantine and treatment. They include experiencing delirium, which is more likely in patients of advanced age who receive sedating medications and are socially isolated; experiencing fear or psychosis while in the ICU; and the length of stay. Research has demonstrated the strongest risk factor for developing PTSD in the ICU to be the duration of sedation..

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