What’s been going on this week?


This week in Daisies, we have welcomed some new babies who are settling really well and making lots of new friends already.

Lots of our babies have spent their week pulling themselves up to stand and going around the room holding onto the sofa, the wooden house and anything that they find to support themselves!

The babies loved getting messy playing with the oats and glitter. They liked it so much they even tried to eat it, because who doesn’t want to eat something so sparkly and tasty, right?!

Oh, and we ended the week with a proper party involving a big mountain of shredded paper! Our babies loved it so much they spent the whole morning ‘diving’ in! Some them even tried to hide inside, putting the paper all over their bodies and smiling when we found them!


This week, the Dragonflies have been able to go outside and enjoy the cooler weather! We have been learning about sharing and taking turns in the garden with the bikes and rocking horses. The children had a great time! Some of them have also been working on their running skills, zooming up and down the garden, and shouting ‘Ready Steady Go!’

We have had a little cafe out this week, where the children have been making food and sitting at the table pretending to serve tea to each other! There was plenty of chatting and exploring how to get in the washing machine or stick their heads through the sink!

We also did some marble painting, using three different colours, and created some awesome mark making. There was a lot of concentration and patience during this activity and the children enjoyed moving the tray back and forth and watching the marbles create their own patterns.

All of the children have been very affectionate this week, so we got the babies out with the buggies and they have been cuddling them, covering them with blankets, and showing them off, saying ‘baby’ and ‘cuddle.’

Hope you have a great weekend and look forward to more exploring next week!


This week has been all about paint in Incy Wincy Spiders - If we could paint it or paint with it we did! It all started with splatter painting, where we decorated the card clothes we had created for our brand new seasonal clothes display. Now as you can imagine, paint went everywhere! We then went on to do some vehicle painting where we also practised identifying objects by name. We got a car and a train and looked at all the different marks we could create. Of course, to end our week, we will be doing lots more painting, finger painting and painting shapes!

We have also bid a fond farewell to one of our little Incy Wincy’s this week, seeing her grow has been amazing and we wish her all the best in Busy Bees!


This week in Busy Bees we have enjoyed playing with cars and talking about what we can see out of the car window. We cleared the messy room and drew a big road on the floor with chalk, then drew some of the things the children said they could see – ‘Trees, houses, people, cows!’ They then drove the cars on the road but some toy people wanted to cross where it wasn’t safe, so we drew a zebra crossing and some traffic lights and spoke about what the colours mean. Red means 'stop' and green means 'ready, steady off we go!’ They drove their cars around and when they got to the traffic lights I shouted 'red light' and they stopped, letting the people cross the road. I then shouted 'green' and off they went! The children really enjoyed this and were really good at talking about the world around them.

We have also done some target games out in the garden where the children were really good at listening and enjoyed throwing bean bags into different shaped targets.

We used the emotion flash cards, identifying happy and sad, the children were brilliant at it, with one little girl signing sad.

We had our weekly band practice and if I may say so myself were getting very good! Our favourite song to play to is 'twinkle, twinkle, little star.’ We have noticed our busy bees associating items with songs - when picking up a bus, a child starting singing 'wheels on the bus' and the same with a turtle they started singing 'tiny turtle.’

We've also been experimenting with textures - we played with spaghetti, which was warm and 'sticky' and we have played with ice which was very cold and slippery. The children were good at talking about what it felt like, chatting to each other about it. One child was running around with spaghetti stuck to them going 'ahhh its stuck to me!' And another child screwed his nose up at it and said 'eughh disgusting!’

We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone.


This week we have been exploring colours in Ladybirds. The children picked their favourite coloured feathers and stuck them onto paper to make head bands and some matching bracelets - ‘look at my princess hat!’

We had a fun game in the garden when a staff member asked a small group of children to find different coloured objects in the garden. All of our clever Ladybirds were able to find something red, yellow and green. It was so lovely to watch them working as a team and when one child couldn't find something yellow, another child led her over to a yellow ball and showed it to her....great team work!


Firstly, we must say a huge welcome to Carolyn who joins us in Preschool as a Level 3 Nursery Nurse. She loves outside play and has inspired us with lots of new exciting things for us to do in the gardens this week!

The children have been very interested in volcanoes, so of course, we made our own out of paper mache and sand. We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to see how a volcano erupts and read lots of facts about them. The sand volcanoes then turned into a dinosaur land with rocks and plants – we found some ferns in the garden and talked about how the dinosaurs ate plants when they were on the earth!

We have also been practising numbers with a few games of bashing – A technical term! We froze some ice ‘balls’ and rolled them as hard as we could against some numbered plastic bottles. The children then were asked to recognise the numbers and add together all the ones they had knocked down!

We’ve been looking at our positional language, so in small groups, the children have practised hiding ‘treasure’ and describing where it is in the room.

We’ve also had some great games in the garden – our favourite from the week – ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf!’

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

We’ve all been enjoying the wonderful sunshine and have taken advantage of the outdoor spaces for all the children to explore and play.