A busy week all round!


What a busy week here in Daisies! We have welcomed so many new babies and everyone is making lots of new friends. The babies are settling in so well and they are really enjoying the nursery life - Especially mealtimes!

This week has been very noisy, as all our children love making noise with anything they can, so as you can guess, the musical instruments and song time have been their favourites. Lots of them move all their bodies to music and clap at the end of every single song! I think we've got some future musicians in this room.

Our babies went to the garden with Sasha and Leanne and obviously, they loved it!

Oh, and we discovered the secret of happiness... BUBBLES! The children loved the bubbles everywhere so they could try to catch and pop them!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, from everyone at Daisies.


We have had lots of fun this week in Dragonflies! The children really enjoyed sand play, doing lots of scooping with the spoons. As soon as they saw the sand on the table, they came running over, grabbed a pot each and started filling them up! It kept them occupied for quite some time!

We have also been doing some lovely sticking, using lots of glitter and sequins! The children showed great understanding of what they needed to do and were very proud of their creations. When we had finished, one girl found a doll and sat it on the chair at the table, as if it was doing its own sticking!

Balloons have been very popular this week too! We were all trying to throw them as high as possible and the children loved chasing them around the room!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Bees we have had so much fun! We borrowed the story sack "We're going on a bear hunt" from Preschool and the children loved all the characters and scenery! The children are great story tellers and knew the words to the book better than we did!

During creative play, we put rice and paint into sandwich bags and shook them until all the rice was covered in paint and when it dried the children used spoons, tweezers, funnels and cups to scoop, pour and sort it.

On Wednesday, we were out in the garden when it started to rain so we put on our coats and stayed out... It then started to rain a bit harder but the children were having such fun we stayed out for as long as we could... The children were all very very wet and most of them needed a full change of clothes!

We also had a busy bee challenge - we gave the children their pudding with straws instead of spoons and at first they were a bit confused - but they soon got the hang of sucking it up! One child actually used the straw to dip, scoop and then eat the yoghurt! He spent about 30 minutes doing it until he had finished!

This week is also a sad week, as it is Jess' last week. We have heard lot of goodbyes and we hope you join us in wishing her the best for the future.

Hope you all had a great week, from the Busy Bees team!


All the children have been fascinated with insects again this week in Ladybirds after we made our bug garden. We started off the week making our own paper plate ladybirds, painting them and sticking on the spots, giving the spots a count as we stuck them on! Unfortunately, we didn't have any snails in our bug garden so we decided to make our own. We did some gluing and sticking to make some beautifully colourful shells for our snails.

We have been reading the book ‘Mad about Megabeasts’ this week and the children have been really enjoying it. The children have also learnt the names of some new bugs and where they live. We went to visit the rabbits and on the way we looked for some bugs. The children were very excited when they found an empty shell which used to belong to a snail, ‘that's a snail's house!’

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


We have had a very fun and busy few weeks in Preschool. The children have all been interested in the weather, so we have made our own weather charts! The children cut out their own circles and decided which weather we saw most during the week to add to our charts. Alongside this, we have been collecting autumn leaves. We have a lovely time collecting and talking about the different colours we had found, and then printing them in salt dough.

We have also changed our role play area into a Doctors surgery. We've had lots of doctors and nurses healing their friends and the adults. Leanne was so covered in bandages one afternoon she was mistaken for a mummy!

We've done lots of LEAP too, a new display is going up in the garden room to show the activities we have been doing each week. This week, we have been focusing on stretching and balance. We have made obstacle courses with the children having to balance on planks, climb off and under obstacles and hold stretches.

Pictured is also our work on observing ourselves. We used charts to draw around each other then accessorize ourselves with what features and clothes we were wearing! Some lovely work.

Have a lovely weekend!!

SO much fun this week – Bubbles, making ladybirds and snails and obstacle courses galore!