A busy week for all our little Munchkins!


What an intense week this week in Daisies! We have welcomed four new children who are settling in really well and we have also said goodbye to others - So a lot of emotions in just one week!

This week we have been practicing some finger marking: the babies played with the flour with Leanne and they did some lovely pictures for our new display board with Sasha. Some of them even used their feet to make some pretty cards!

The steps have been very popular this week with lots of children, climbing, holding on to them or walking on it too!

Story time has been a big hit in our room this week as well, with lots of reading with the staff. Our babies are so clever and always tried to babble or point to the pages to make clear just how much they were enjoying it!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend from everyone at Daisies.


This week, we have had lots of fun in Dragonflies! In the garden, the children loved running around with the pushchairs, chasing each other. It then turned into everyone chasing Kirsty around!! The children have also been riding around on the bikes and practising their catching skills. The garden was also a great place to practice walking, with one girl taking lots of steps, which she was very proud of! Every time we clapped for her, she would clap too!

Pasta play was lots of fun too. The children were doing lots of filling and emptying and then had fun seeing what noises they could make with it. They discovered that if they filled all the pots up with pasta and shook them, they could make lots of noise!! They also sprinkled it from the air and listened as it hit the tray and the table.

They have also been doing lots of climbing on our soft play equipment. Even the children who have just mastered walking, are so confident when it comes to climbing! There were 3 girls stood on the big whale together, all looking at me so innocently!

Have a lovely weekend!!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have been experimenting. Our best activity has been exploring marks during finger painting fun, using really bright paint. We were not only able to see the marks we could create but also look a little more at the different colours we know. We welcomed some new faces into our room this week as well and introduced them to the different toys that have become our favorite namely the cash register in the kitchen! As the week draws to an end we have been enjoying some fun with our wheeled toys, mostly our favorite buggies and having a little role play fun with the dressing up. Have a great weekend, see you all next week!


We have had lots of imaginative role play this week in Ladybirds. The children have been dressing up as all sorts - builders fixing all the units, hairdressers doing the hair of all the dolls , doctors examining all our friends, and Dragons with one child even informing us that they hadn't see a dragon in real life for 25 years! We decorated some fish so the children could practise their fine motor skills, applying the glue and sticking materials where they wanted them. The children told us that fish live in the sea and they did lots of fish actions with their mouths.

From chasing each other in the garden, to messy finger painting to dressing up as Dinosaurs!