A week of music, dancing and painting!


This week has been all about creativity and exploration here in Daisies!

We have finished our Finger Painting display board with the lovely pictures our children painted with Sasha. We must say, we had to hide the paint sometimes because apparently it looked very yummy as our children attempted to eat it a couple of times.

We also have started our Autumn display board and our children are making some pretty pictures and leaves using autumnal colours and lots of glitter. We can't wait to show it to you when it finished!

This week, we also have seen some new crawlers and some who are very close to walking, and we truly believe, they are more than ready to explore the world in a different and funnier way.

And the cutest moment of this week, was watching a little girl playing one minute, and when we turned and look back, she was asleep on the floor and hugging her toy!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


This week in Dragonflies, we have been dancing nonstop!!! We all loved Monkey Music and some of the children are still singing the songs! They have also loved holding hands with one another while dancing around - it was so lovely to see.

We've also been exploring all the transport vehicles. We've heard lots of 'brrm' sounds and also 2 words such as 'big digger.’

The children have also really enjoyed pouring water from one pot to another, but more importantly getting very wet!!!

Have a good weekend!


This week our Incy Wincy Spiders have been really calm and relaxed. As the cold weather has started to come in, we have enjoyed the last bit of sunshine in the garden with ball games and climbing. Our proud garden moment this week came from one of our little guys who learnt how to climb to the top of the slide shouting ‘Did it!’

We have also welcomed some new faces and bid farewell to some old friends which has meant lots of fun parties, of course!

We had some fun during Monkey Music and while some of our little ones were unsure, one little girl got really involved, joining in with all the songs doing all the actions.

Mid week we joined our friends in Dragonflies for some fun exploring shredded foil and we've been looking at books. The children especially enjoyed our new book of the term 'Scaredy boo.' One of our little girls found it really funny saying ‘Silly boo!’

We've had a great week and hope everyone has a great weekend!


This week has been science week in Busy Bees! There has been quite a lot of rain recently and the children have been curious as to why this happens, so on Monday they learnt about the water cycle and then used paint, tissue paper and cotton wool to create a water cycle picture. These looked really great and some children could even explain the cycle to their parents!

In the garden, we made gloop and added red and yellow paint to make it orange! The children enjoyed rolling it in their hands to make worms and then watching how it turned to liquid when they stop touching it. It was very messy and one child said that it was sticky just like 'honey!’

We tried to make giant bubbles in the garden, using sticks and strings but our mixture wasn't quite right so we’ll try again next week!

We have a rainbow maker in our window which make rainbows all around the room when the sun shines, the children have loved chasing them! This week, one of the Busy Bees asked why the crystal made a rainbow... Loving the children's curious minds we decided to try making our own rainbows with torches, water and mirrors.


We have been busy embracing Autumn this week in Ladybirds.

We used some rollers and did a big group painting to make a tree also collecting some leaves to stick on it. We used cotton buds to make some mini blossom trees and worked on our motor skills.

We have had some new faces join us this week who have settled in really well - we have witnessed some really good bonds, with one of our older children taking a new arrival under her wing and we heard her say ‘I'll look after you today!’

The children have had a wonderful week with lots of creative activities and musical fun!