Enjoying the sunshine!


This week has been very busy for all our babies here in Daisies.

We have some new crawlers and walkers who are more than ready to explore our environment from their new perspective!

On Tuesday, our children joined with Dragonflies for a great session of Monkey Music. The babies absolutely loved it. They were very involved and even played some instruments and popped some bubbles!

This week we also got very messy playing with the metallic shredded paper and the oats, some of them tried to eat it because who doesn't want to eat something so sparkly and shiny, right?

One of our babies went to the garden with Sasha and had a lot fun playing with some older children!

Oh, and would you like to know what I found this morning in the sensory basket? Well, then check out our pictures, I am quite sure you will be surprised! Apparently a basket is the best thing that you can get!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, from everyone in Daisies.


This week in Dragonflies, we've had lots of fun especially with Monkey Music. The children loved doing the actions and having a little dance!

We also did some messy activities with paint and shaving foam! The children loved exploring the shaving foam using their hands, then they loved clapping their hands so the shaving foam went everywhere!!!

Painting using shapes has been very exciting for the children, and many of them have been repeating the shapes ‘circle’ and ‘square.’

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders saw the beginning of some beautiful friendships. Mostly by two of our little boys who simply love playing together from chasing each other around the garden to sitting in the room playing with some of our small world toys showing brilliant displays of sharing.

This week we also saw the last of the summer and feeling that theme we decided to set up a beautiful new display where we drew our own little sunshine.

Now everyone knows we in Incy’s we love creative activities so we didn't stop at our sunshine, we did some free drawing too. We used our amazing paint sticks to create some amazing art, with some of our Incy’s telling us they were drawing their Mummies!

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!

See you next week.


This week Busy Bees has been jam packed with lovely activities! On Monday, we filled a tray with paint and blew through straws to make patterns appear. The children found it quite tricky to blow through the straws! Blowing helps to develop the muscles in the mouth that are used to speak.

The cars have been a huge interest this week so we have tried to incorporate them into our activities. We dipped them in paint and drove them over large pieces of sugar paper and spoke about the different marks they made, and how the colours mixed to make new colours. All the cars where very messy afterwards so they had to have a car wash where the children used cloths to clean them.

The children have decorated t-shirts with glitter, played with clay and made slime this week! Outside we have noticed a lot of animals and bugs so along with Ladybirds, the children made a bug garden for them all to live in!


This week in Ladybirds we have been looking at colours. At the start of the week we did some table top painting using our hands and brushes to mix colours, and we talked about the new colours we had made. Our clever Ladybirds were able to tell us they had made orange and green, as well as purple. During our colour activities, we have been focusing on the 3 primary colours. We asked the children to draw something yellow - we had a giraffe and the sun. We did some gluing and sticking and made our very own rainbow and spoke about our favourite colours, we then extended this by making a fruit rainbow and the children really loved eating it - we had raspberries, grapes, orange, banana, kiwi and blueberries. They also tried some lemon which led to some funny faces!

The children love bugs at the moment so we made our very own bug garden. They were very excited when they came outside this morning to see that some snails had come to live in our bug garden over night! The children really enjoyed looking at them and have even given them names!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Plenty of garden adventures this week, creating real fruit rainbows and fun with Monkey Music!