Mess, mess and more mess!


We have had a very messy week here in Daisies!

Our babies have really enjoyed making some marks in the flour and getting all covered in white!

They also loved it when we got the messy feathers out. They threw them everywhere, put them back in the box and even put themselves into that box! Again, boxes must be so much fun because they would rather play with them than with the toys sometimes!

Our children have made some lovely hand painting pictures as well, exploring the sensory experience of feeling the paint and the glitter on their hands and expressing some "Ohhhs" when they finished it.

And our favourite moment this week was during Story Time as we heard some giggles and laughs when some of our babies found some parts of the books very funny!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


In Dragonflies this week, we have had fun doing some car wheel painting. The children loved looking at all the marks they had made! Drawing has also been very popular, with lots of masterpieces being created!! One girl drew a whole page of circles!!

We have also been looking at our body parts, with some of our younger children being able to point to their heads, eyes, ears and noses! 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' has been one of our favourite songs too, with everyone joining in with the actions.

The children also liked exploring the different sounds that cereal can make. They did lots of filling and emptying, and also liked trying to crunch the rice pops using their hands, feet and even some toy horses!! They have also been showing good control when using some tweezers, picking up all the shredded foil and throwing it around the room!

We ended the week with a little party, as we are saying a sad goodbye to some of our older children. We had lots of fun running around, dancing and playing with balloons! We will miss our big children a lot, but we know they will have lots of fun in Infants!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders has been very busy including visits from new faces and new experiences.

We began our week with some slime which Jane taught us to make. The boys loved this the most as we learned that when you squeezed the slime it made some really funny noises!

We then went on to make some play dough, with this, we were more able to notice the shapes we could create using some of our favorite tools including cutters and our favourite castle mold.

Wednesday saw our big adventure when one of our little boys took us on a journey 'far away' with some of our lovely Busy Bee and Lady bird friends - we jumped aboard the boat in the garden and off we went!

To end our week, we did some threading by making our own clothes line. One little girl practiced and practiced until she managed to thread the pegs onto the line with a cheer of congratulations and a big smile!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to a new week!


Our week in Busy Bees has been a lot of fun! We are seeing children starting to build really lovely friendships and playing together really nicely, especially in the garden! The children are becoming more aware of others, their feelings and what they could do to help them - one boy sat next to an upset child and sang the whole of ‘baa baa black sheep’ the upset child was happy by the time he'd finished!

The Busy Bees have also learnt a new song… ‘how do you do’ and the children have been shaking hands - So sweet!

Last week, we made dinosaur fossils out of salt dough, so at the beginning of this week we painted them. The children absolutely loved the salt dough, so we also made some beads, to add to our threading tray. We have had a big rearrangement to our messy room and we are all very happy with our new layout!

Hope you all had a fantastic week, from all us here at Busy Bees!


This week in Ladybirds, we have said a sad farewell to some of our friends who have moved over to Preschool. Of course, this has led to lots of parties with dancing, music, instruments and some singing!

The children have still be fascinated with bugs this week so we made our very own spiders - We coloured them in, stuck on some legs and they will be joining our snails on our display! The children showed us how clever they were by doing some wonderful counting of the spiders’ legs!

Have a great weekend!


We have had a very busy and fun week in Preschool following our interest in the weather. We thought about different types of weather and what we would need to wear. We then made a super weather chart - Do admire it in the garden room! We played a listening game trying to find out which pots had the same things in and then made rain makers and used them to accompany our rainy day songs. We used straws to blow paint and watch the colours mix together. Some children were interested in the wind so we have tied various windy things outside to look at and see how much they blow around.

Our older children have been very kind to our new friends who have joined us and have been sharing and modelling what we do in Preschool! We have looked at different shapes and are going to make a food shape display in the café so that we can chat about shapes when eating. We hope to end the week by re-enacting The Enormous Turnip story that we have been listening to and hoping to chop some vegetables to make soup.

The children have had so much messy fun this week, including flour play, car wheel painting and making spiders!