Autumn is here!


This week we have been all about exploring through sensory play here in Daisies.

Our babies have loved the balloons and they have tried absolutely everything: pinching, jumping, throwing and even biting them! Luckily we didn't have any unwanted pops!

The sensory circles have been very popular this week. The children have spent a lovely time stepping, feeling, touching and of course, trying to eat them. Because... Is there anything better than exploring by tasting things?!

The babies have been finishing their sparkly leaves with Sasha for our new display board and we have found glitter in the most unexpected places!

Oh, and one of our little girls had the best time when she converted an empty chocolate box into a drum and sat banging it for ages with lots of smiles, noises and giggles!

We wish you all a lovely weekend from everyone at Daisies.


This week in Dragonflies, the children have loved doing some exploring outside! We have been to visit the rabbits, watching them closely as they ran around their hutch. We also loved going to the big garden for a play! We had it all to ourselves, so the children were really confident climbing up to the top of the slide, whizzing down really fast and doing lots of running around!

We have also enjoyed pretend play, playing with the dolls and going to our role play shop. One little girl had a doll who was obviously potty training, so she was sitting her on the potty - very clever! The children also bought lots of nice things from Tamika in her shop! They loved carrying the baskets around and pushing the trolley.

As it is autumn, we have been decorating some leaves, ready to make a big tree! The children loved using the pens to make lots of different marks.

Have a lovely weekend!


Ladybirds are very interested in all sorts of insects at the moment and have been trying to find them in the garden every day! We gave them a choice to make some for our room - When asked what they wanted to make first, they chose bumble bees and spiders. They were so clever at following yellow and black stripes. We heard many cute comments as ‘bumble’ ‘bee’ also ‘busy bee’ and ‘I think I need some eyes.’ When they finished, we could hear lots of proud ‘I did it!’ and ‘All done.’

Earlier in the week, we painted big leaves in autumn colours which we will use to decorate our room.

Have a lovely autumn weekend everyone.


Yet another amazing week in Preschool! We began the week by collecting leaves, comparing sizes, colours and making a wonderful window display.

During phonics this week, we did some very good listening to the sounds of the environment and lots of rhyming. This was continued by the children during role play, whilst on the boat, we went to ‘Jelly belly candy sandy land!’

We had lots of jumping around during our leap activity this week, with the target being two footed take offs and landings.

We made windmills and rainbow pasta for our garden which was a great addition to our sand kitchen. I think a ‘sand sandwich’ was my favourite!

As we could see the moon in the sky this morning, we did some really big floor drawings of different moons we might see ‘full’ ‘half’ and my favourite ‘banana moon!’

Have a lovely weekend.

Decorating leaves, bug hunting and a banana moon!