Another very active week for our Munchkins!


This week in Daisies we have been super busy! Our children have had lots of fun playing in the garden, they were exploring all the equipment such as the bridge, sensory square and the sea saws.

We have also had lots of fun getting messy with the paint and instead of using the paint brushes they decided to use their whole bodies and were covered from head to toe!

We also went to visit the sensory room and they all had a wonderful time! They were climbing on the steps and loved it when the main light was turned off and all the glow up stickers and fairy lights lit up.

We have also had a great time at Monkey Music - the children really liked the autumn theme with the leaves and were trying to pull them all off the big sheet and of course they got very excited when it was time for the bubbles!

Have a great weekend everyone!


We have been getting very messy, as always, in Dragonflies this week! We have been playing with some flour, which the children loved. By the end of the morning, the room and the children were all white and it looked like it had been snowing! We all had fun, so that was the main thing and in between making lots of mess, we did draw some lovely circles!

We also had an obstacle course set up by Claire, which was so much fun! The children watched Claire demonstrate what they needed to do, and they were very good at understanding. They knew that they had to climb up the ramp, slide down the other side and then crawl through the tunnel! They were also very good at taking turns too!

Kate was very kind and gave us some water beads to play with! The children loved exploring them and throwing them around, watching them bounce around the room!

I have also been treated to some yummy food this week - One little boy loved feeding me some banana from the tea set and he kept coming back to me to make sure I was eating it all!

Have a great weekend!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have been getting as messy as possible!

It started with making rainbow oats where the children were able to not only learn about textures and colours but also how things can change. We even added a little vanilla essence with it to help them learn through their sense of smell.

We took a break from our messy play to join in with Monkey Music on Tuesday. The children had so much fun singing their favourite songs and the playing musical instruments.

On Wednesday, we picked back up where we left off, only this time we made a big mess while over visiting our friends in Dragonflies! The morning began with flour play where the children practiced making marks and imitating simple shapes -though they were mostly interested in the footprints they could suddenly leave behind!

Wednesday afternoon saw the whole floor being covered in water beads! The children were able to learn how things can be used in different ways because not only could we squeeze the beads but we also learned that they were shaped like balls which meant they could also drop them and make them bounce!

As the week comes to an end we will be enjoying some finger painting while making our Pudsey ears for Children In Need on Friday where we will all be wearing our pyjamas or something spotty!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Ladybirds, we have been doing lots of activities around Children In Need. We did some gluing at the start of the week sticking spots onto Pudsey - we spoke about the colours of the spots ‘I done blue, then yellow and now I do black’ and we spoke about the shape and even counted the spots, with one clever Ladybird counting from 1 to 10. We also made some Pudsey ears, using our fingers dipped in paint to make the spots.

We have seen some wonderful friendships starting to form this week between the children and some of our more shy children are really coming out of their shells. We have witnessed these children playing games together, such as tennis and taking turns - they have been so kind to one another and helping each other walk along the logs.

We all love the book ‘lost and found’ at the moment and it is perfect for winter. We have decided to make a display around this book so have started doing some art work, after reading it, we did some gluing and sticking to make stars for the sky, which of course led to a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle little star!

On Friday for Children In Need, we are going to be dressing up in spots, pyjamas or onesies so if your child is in, please feel free to dress them up!

Have a lovely weekend.


We have had a busy week doing lots of exploring in Preschool. We put up lots of easels and big paper and used gross motor skills to do lots of large paintings.

Daisy set up an exploring area with pebbles, logs, cones and numerals. The children have looked at them with magnifying glasses and tried picking the natural objects up with tweezers, which some found quite tricky at first. They then counted them and used chalks to record how many they picked up.

We have talked about how to look after our teeth and have used brushes and paste to clean all the dirt off our ‘pretend mouths.’

Our new rainbow den has proved a great success. The children have enjoyed lying on the new cushions with their friends, chatting about the under the sea creatures.

We have used scales and weights to measure out ingredients for our banana bread and Pudsey Bear cookies and the children had to work hard to mix it all together with their wooden spoons. We ate our biscuits when dressed in pyjamas for Children In Need and had a ‘sleepover’ in the sleep room with tents and torches.

Have a lovely weekend – Preschool Team.

Mess (of course!), Monkey Music, baking and lots of Children In Need fun!