“One, Two, Buckle my shoe…”

From very early on in a child’s life, we can all begin to introduce the concepts connected to mathematics. Singing rhymes and songs involving numbers to children is a lovely way of connecting, soothing and beginning the mathematical journey we all navigate from birth to…well for me I am still learning, you may be the same!


Adults who form part of the close network of learning and support for children – from parents to grandparents, cousins and nursery professionals – can all use everyday opportunities, such as bath time at home or water play at Nursery, a walk on the beach or shopping at the supermarket, to introduce both the concepts and language of early mathematics.  In fact there are some researchers who have discovered that early mathematics skills are a better indicator of future academic success than early reading skills.


Here are some mathematical words heard around the Nursery even this week:  Empty/full, heavy/light, thick/thin, more/less, before/after, same/different, shallow/deep.


At Munchkins our practitioners understand that it is not only through adult-led activities that children practice their maths skills – they are constantly experimenting with capacity; filling and emptying and over-flowing, sorting; into groups of same and different or groups of different sizes, experimenting with the language of time; “It’s my birthday last week and tomorrow I can get presents”  – the time concepts may not be being used quite correctly but they are experimenting and understanding the passing of time and the future.


Useful rhymes:

5 Currant Buns in a Baker’s Shop

5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day

Goldilocks and the Three Bears




Mary Richards, Manager