Exploring, reading, creating and of course, having lots of fun!


This week has been all about exploration here in Daisies!

Our children loved starting the week playing with the metallic shredded paper. They got lost under it and jumped out lifting their arms and giving us the best of their smiles! They also tried to take the paper and hide it everywhere, so as you can guess, we have found pieces of paper in the most unexpected places!

They really enjoyed playing with the tea set and the cooker! And although we tried to make them understand they weren't real, a little girl tried to eat a carrot and another one got really annoyed because there wasn't any milk coming out of the toy bottle!

The babies also have had a lovely time playing with the musical piano and the new interactive toy that Mary gave us. They made lots of noises and music sounds, although sometimes, they got so excited they woke up some of the other babies who were sleeping...Oops!

Have a lovely (and hopefully sunny) weekend everyone!


We have loved looking at books in Dragonflies this week! Everyone sat so nicely at story time, trying really hard to fill in the missing words, especially when we read 'Peepo.’ The children also enjoyed looking at books independently, lifting the flaps and pointing at all the pictures!

We want to say a big thank you to Heidi for all of the doll's equipment that she gave us. The children absolutely love it and the dolls have been very well cared for! We have been feeding them bottles, making sure they sit on the potty, changing their nappies and putting them to bed in their cots.

The children have also been doing some fixing in the garden - going around with the hammer and making sure the wall wasn't broken! We liked the animals too and the children have been showing us how clever they are by pointing to the animals on the wall and in the books, when we asked 'where is the....?'

Have a lovely weekend!


This week we have been super creative in Incy Wincy Spiders!

It all began at the end of last week when we made our Pudsey ears for Children In Need which involved lots of finger painting and glue!

We then started this week off with some scented play dough which we made out of cornstarch so it was super stretchy!

We also enjoyed making Christmas paintings using stamps – the firm favourite was the snowflake!

Have a great weekend!


What a busy time it's been here again in Busy Bees! Lots of shape and colour fun using different tools and textiles.

Out in the garden we have had a marvellous time with some obstacle races and used spades and balls to do 'egg and spoon' races.

At start of the week we did some water painting where the children could use their imagination and choose the topic they wanted to paint. The most popular was sun and pond when one busy bee said ‘I want duck, snake and spider in my pond, can you help me?’

The children enjoyed cutting shapes from foam material which wasn't easy but they did really well and were very pleased with the end result!


We have had a busy week in Ladybirds, turning our sleep room into a winter wonderland! We finished our polar bear and read the snow bear book to go with it. We did some marble painting to make some Christmas baubles to put up and we had lots of fun blowing the water to mix the paint – the children were very good at following instructions when asked to place the paper in the water.

We also finished our book display, since it's about penguins we followed the theme and did some ice cube painting. The children were able to tell us it was cold and wet!

Mother nature has provided us with endless fun in the garden, leaving us lots of leaves, so the children have loved picking up handfuls and throwing them in the air and collecting them in baskets whilst counting them one at a time. We have also made a den which led to lots of the children playing peak-a-boo with each other.

Have a lovely weekend.


We have had a lovely week in Preschool.

We have made a new art area in the garden room where the children can now freely access arts and craft material when they choose. They have had a brilliant time, especially with paint and scissors. A mountain of confetti has been cut which is great for the children's fine motor skills. They have been able to choose which paint they like and explore colour mixing too. To extend the children's fine motor skills, we have used ribbons and drying wracks to thread, as well as threading pasta to make beautiful necklaces.

We have played lots of group games which focus on the children’s sitting and listening skills. The children have also been interested in space so Paul has worked with them to learn about the first 4 planets in the solar system. We have played planet jumping, trying to remember which planet was which on the floor and jumping to each one. This helps the children with their knowledge of the world and of course, their physical development!

Lots of lovely play with our indoor sand pit and nature areas. These open ended activities are great for the children to develop play in their own way, this then help us adults with planning what they are really interested in. For example, our sand and natural world play this week has shown that the children are fascinated in cooking and ingredients. This has lead to cooking cakes, biscuits and play dough meals! Within these activities we can access the children's expressive arts, maths, social and communication play… and the kids don't even know they’re learning!

Have a lovely weekend. Preschool team:)

A busy week all round with music, role play, painting, garden fun and the solar system!