It’s beginning to look a lot like…


This week in Daisies, we have had lots of fun!

We started the week doing some messy play using some shaving foam. The babies loved exploring the texture and making marks in it. They also gave us a funny look when we didn't allow them to eat it... How could we, right?

The children also have been very interested in the pens when we were writing something so, we sat with them and let them experiment! They made some lovely marks and gave us the best of the smiles.

The teddies have been really popular this week as well, and some of the children had a great time climbing on them, cuddling them and carrying them all around the room!

And, one of our little girls found it really interesting to place some blocks into a box and take them out straight afterwards, so she could giggle at the sound that they made falling into the box.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


This week in Dragonflies, the garden has been the firm favourite, even though it's so chilly!

The children all loved playing alongside each other on the see-saws, laughing and singing 'see-saw!' We've also played lots of running games, shouting 'can't catch me', the children also enjoyed holding hands while running around.

We have also been practicing our drawing, the children loved drawing different lines and shapes, the favourite being a circle!!

As its getting closer to that magical time of the year we've been getting very festive, so if you hear the children singing 'jingle bells' then enjoy singing along!!

Have a lovely weekend!


Our week in Incy Wincy Spiders has been full of physical activity!

It began with an obstacle course in the garden where the children practiced not only their balancing but built the foundations for learning about safety and the importance of asking for help.

We then went on to the pop up tunnels: learning the different ways in which they could move, they crawled and slithered and even hopped over to the next tunnel.

The middle of the week saw the exploration of textures when our friends in Dragonflies brought out some rice. The children learnt that the uncooked rice was hard in comparison to the cooked rice that we eat at lunch!

As the week comes to an end we have to bid farewell to some of our older children who will be moving groups - we wish them well and even though we'll miss them, we know they will do great!

Have a lovely weekend.


This week in Busy Bees, we have seen some lovely role play in the garden with ice creams being sold from the pirate boat! We tried to convince them that it’s far too cold for ice cream and that we wanted hot chocolate, but it seemed only ice cream was available!

We have been busy decorating our room for Christmas. The children learnt to recognise the colour white when we made some white snowmen footprints, and they enjoyed choosing which foot to paint first! We also painted two big snowmen with puffy paint made out of shaving foam and glue. The favourite activity by far was painting and putting glitter onto snowflakes. The children were sitting so quietly and concentrating, sharing the paint and glitter from a tray, with occasional shouts of… ‘I want another one’ ‘I am painting’ and ‘Is white.’

At the end of the week we played with rice and shaving foam which imitated cold shiny snow – The children were sprinkling the rice from the air to make it look as though it was snowing saying ‘look look snow!’

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


This week in Ladybirds, we have been feeling festive and have started our Christmas craft! The children used their fine motor skills to pick up some sequins and put them into a bauble, along with some gluing, sticking and Christmas tree making too. When I asked who comes at Christmas, one of the children replied ‘Peppa Pig!’

We have been working on our physical development too this week and the children loved an obstacle course that was set up in the garden. They spoke about which way they wanted to go and did some good waiting when their friends were having a go.

Today, the children are practicing their motor skills again by gluing some stick snowflakes together - we have been speaking about Christmas lots and reading lots of Christmas stories.

Have a lovely weekend.


This week we have been doing lots of exploring and investigating in Preschool. We have talked about primary colours and mixed them on the table with our hands - after covering them with cling film, of course! The children created lots of different colours and some prints from them too. They then practised their cutting skills by making their prints into baubles. They snipped edges and cut out circles.

We have been busy talking about weight and whether objects are heavy or light. It was great fun using old fashioned scales to compare weights and then making our own coat hanger balances. We have added them to our sand area and are creating a weighing area.

We played a guessing game, hiding musical instruments inside a box. The children sat round and had to guess what was making each sound and describe what it was like. They all listened really hard and were very good at it!

We’ve also been talking about words that rhyme – my favourite being ‘rubber tub tub flub flub flub!’

Have a great weekend everyone, from the Preschool Team.

Everyone’s starting to get into the spirit with lots of Christmas fun this week!