We’re all feeling very festive here at Munchkins!


This week in Daisies we have had a lot of fun getting very messy and ready for Christmas! We have been very busy making sure we get all our Christmas crafts ready to take home. This has included painting, sticking and getting covered in glitter which the children have loved!

The children have also enjoyed playing with the flour and making lots of marks in it and have liked doing some drawing on the floor with the chalk - although some of the babies found it a lot more fun to eat it, but soon found out it didn’t taste as good as it looked!

The babies have also loved the shiny foil, as always, they were putting it on their heads and laughing, although they were getting confused when they were crawling and it was getting stuck to their hand which was quite funny!

The Daisy babies and team would also like to say a farewell and good luck to Maria, you will be missed very much.


Our week in Dragonflies has been nonstop!!

We had a lovely visit to the park, where the children were soooo excited!! They were all so confident walking around and exploring the swings with the favourite being the big car.

The children also enjoyed making lots more craft using their hands and feet to make reindeer and Christmas trees.

We've also had a yummy Christmas dinner with crackers and hats, and of course our little chocolate treats afterwards!

We have a big and sad goodbye to make… to Kirsty!!! We will miss you so much but will still see you around! Good luck with your new adventure as Room Leader of Daisies, love the Dragonflies Team.


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have continued with our Christmas theme - with all the Christmas crafts we've been doing, it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our favourite Christmas craft this week has been making our very own baubles for our Christmas tree. With a little bit of glee and a whole load of glitter, our little spiders made some very beautiful decorations for our tree!

We've also been painting our feet and drawing around our hands for our Christmas cards, having their feet painted brought about lots of giggles and a couple funny looking faces from the children!

To end our week we enjoyed our very own Christmas dinners (yum) and a super exciting visit from Santa!

Have a lovely weekend!


We started off this week talking about textures, the children loved exploring some clay, poking it with their fingers and breaking it up. We talked about how it felt ‘cold’ when we then added some water and explored it some more. We then spoke about how it now felt ‘it feel wet and slimy.’

We have been finishing up our Christmas Craft and we have made some reindeer food for Rudolf and all the other reindeers with one of the children telling me that reindeers have sticks on their head! The children practiced their scooping and pouring skills - scooping up the oats with a spoon and pouring it into the bowl. We decided that the reindeers needed some glitter to help them fly on Christmas Eve, so we added some of that too - you can leave it out on Christmas Eve with your mince pie!

We also made some melted snowmen which led to a conversation about how snowmen felt the cold and when we all might have seen some snowmen as well.

Today we have made a very big Christmas tree as one of our children asked why we didn’t have one in our room! We had so much fun exploring in the messy room this morning with paint, sand, sticking and a snow scene made with fake fluffy snow and snowy animals!

Have a great weekend!


What a wonderful week we have had. Preschool has become like Santa’s workshop and all the children have been busy elves!

We have made Christmas cards and the children have been working really hard to write their names in them as well as on the bottom of their letters to Santa – very important indeed! We have made clay decorations and printed on our special Christmas bags which the children will bring home with all their festive decorations in! Parents, watch out these come with a glitter warning!

Paul made a special assault course with jingle bells - It was great fun trying to go over it without making a sound!

We have also done lots of counting and problem solving using our snowman skittles.

We have had a delicious Christmas dinner, a visit from Santa and hope to bring you home some edible treats too (that’s if they don’t get eaten first!)

A wonderfully festive week of Christmas crafts, Christmas lunch and even a visit from Santa!