A new year… more messy play!


In Daisies this week we have loved messy play!! First we made lots of marks in the flour and also did some finger painting. We also loved the shredded foil, picking it all up and lying down in it, doing lots of rolling around! The sand was also fun! We did lots of digging with our hands and made lovely marks using some sticks.

We have also had some of the older children practicing their walking with the walkers. They looked so proud of themselves, walking around the room! They are very good at steering too!

To end the week, we have been playing lovely music with the instruments and had fun trying to make some animal sounds.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Dragonflies we've had lots of fun playing alongside our friends!

Some of the children have loved dancing with one another while holding hands, all the other children then started to copy. Two children loved jumping along side each other, the little boy laughed so much that he toppled over!!

The children have also loved exploring different textures such as flour, oats and pasta, which encouraged our 'Wow' and 'Oooh' words.

A lovely visit to the big garden got the children very excited, we all loved visiting our old friends!

Have a lovely weekend.


This week in Incy Wincies has been all about exploration.

We began by exploring our senses with Gloop, we made different colours which helped us build our understanding of which colour is which.

During our Gloop play we looked at the different degrees of wetness by adding just a little water to one and a lot to another, we learned the words "Wet" and "Dry."

We then explored the marks we could make with playdough! This was so much fun not only because we love play dough but because we got to use cutters of different shapes and sizes. We also learned the marks we could make with free drawing, two of our little boys were able to draw different shapes.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Bees we have enjoyed lots of winter play!

First we explored frozen ice cubes in the paint which we got ready earlier pouring water into the moulds. The children really enjoyed watching the ice melting, discussing how it changes in warm hands.

We made winter paint, taking turns to mix icy sugar with bit of water and glitter. Children were painting lines of snowflakes which turned into a bit of a Frozen theme.

When filling snowmen and snowballs made out of cotton wool into bottles, the children showed great concentration and motor skills to use tweezers to transfer the snowball inside.

We also had an amazing experience to see a volcano awake! The children helped to pour washing up liquid, vinegar and baking powder into a bottle and sat around in a circle to see the show.

Have a lovely weekend.


It has been great to have all our children back from their holidays over the last 2 weeks. They have been full of chatter about what Father Christmas brought them, places they have been and even visits to the pantomime!

The children have listened to some new stories, and listened to some old favourites using our lovely story sacks. They decided to retell Handa’s surprise on their own after one child put the basket from the exploring table on her head having put the stones in to represent the fruit. Various children became the animals who stole the fruit and others took on the role of the goat and the tree so the basket filled up with tangerines.

The story of Handa’s Surprise fitted in well with the children’s in maps and the globe. They looked at, chopped up and tasted lots of exotic fruits before finding where they were grown on the map.

We have worked hard on our sharing and turn taking skills this week, using the sand timer to negotiate when we want something someone else has (especially the Elsa dresses!) We have also been playing lots of different thinking games and are getting really good at tidying up.

Last week some of the children were fascinated by the staplers. We followed this up by giving the children a challenge to see if they could remake Humpty Dumpty after he had fallen off the wall. We offered them staples, split pins, hole punches and wool instead of glue. The results are on display in the messy room, please do come along and take a look.

Happy New Year to you all from the Preschool Team.

Getting back into the swing of things with music, dancing, making volcanos and putting Humpty Dumpty back together again!