A creative week for our little Munchkins


This week in Daisies, we have loved music and singing. We have all been dancing to our children songs CD and the children have loved song and rhyme time every day - their faces light up when we start singing! The favourite at the moment seems to be 'Row your boat.’ The children are always rocking backwards and forwards when we sing it and one little girl even asked for it at song time!

We have also been working on finding our body parts this week. One little girl is very good at it and is able to point to her nose, ears, mouth, hair and head! The children have also been doing some organising with the toys, putting all of the wooden blocks inside the bumbo!

Looking in the mirror has been lots of fun! Our younger babies loved looking at themselves, making funny faces, whilst the older ones loved waving at themselves and found it funny when they could see the grownups behind them.

It was very funny when Leanne played peek-a-boo with us! The children were hiding in the book corner, and when Leanne shouted ‘boo!’ they thought it was hilarious!

Have a nice weekend!


This week in Dragonflies we've been trying lots of different fruit. We all tried kiwi, lemon, lime and banana, which went down a treat! Some children ate them with no worries at all and others made some lovely faces!! The children did really well at giving it a go!

We also enjoyed lots of rainy weather, getting soaked as usually but of course we all had big smiles still on our faces!

The children have also been practising drawing lines and circles with pencils, doing a really great job too!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have been learning about textures.

We started with paint, which the children learnt was wet. We also used transport to learn about the different marks we could make.

We then did some sticking, they learn that the glue we used was 'sticky' and the resources we used felt smooth. One favorite was the feathers which one little spider said was ‘soft.’

At the end of the week, we had some quiet time with group stories and we’ll also be exploring ice tomorrow when we do ice cube painting.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


We have been practising colours this week in Busy Bees, matching blocks with the same colour of paper. We also tried making a colour tower. When we did finger print painting, the children chose and said the colours and most of them were able to pronounce or try to pronounce the right colour!

Later in the week, our room had some stomping, noisy and heavy dinosaurs who left colourful footprints all over the paper. The children helped each other to stomp and roar and we could hear comments when they held the dinosaur upside down and looked at the legs ‘feet’ and ‘look footprints.’

We made some winter play dough and pretended we had snowflakes in it using soap flakes instead. We also made gloop and practised our fine motor skills when filling and pouring into pots. One clever Busy Bee explained that ‘is gummy.’ The children really enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together and exploring different textures.

Enjoy your weekend!


This week in Ladybirds we decided to have a rain forest theme in the children's bathroom. We painted a huge monkey, put some glitter on to frogs and painted some flowers in our favorite colours!

We got very physical at the start of the week and tried our hand at baby yoga. The children loved trying to get into all the different positions and had a giggle watching the grownups try to do it too. We continued on doing some LEAP, with lots of different actions such as showing our muscles and reaching high into the sky. Somehow this turned into a huge game of ring a ring a roses with all the children holding one another’s hands and going around! It was lovely to see some of the less confident children take part with a big smile on their faces.

We did some shape painting this morning and spoke about the different shapes - one child was able to tell me they had a rectangle and another said they had a circle too.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Preschool we have done lots of activities based on ‘The Ginger Bread Man.’ We have played with gingerbread play dough and compared different sized gingerbread men. On Tuesday morning the children did lots of sharing and turn taking in order to make their own gingerbread men for a snack. Sarah was very sad that she was in the office when they were ready and did not get one but Mark and Katie put one in her lunch box. Have you seen him?.... He ran away!

We have retold the story and used a number line with all the characters to count on the back. Some of the children listened to one or two part instructions in order to hide a ginger bread man for their friends to find. We have also set up a delicious Bakers shop with lots of yummy things to buy. The children used and counted money and ‘wrote’ recipes and shopping lists.

Leanne showed us how to use the smoothie maker safely and the children took turns to press the button to make it work so that they could drink orange and banana smoothies.

Have a lovely weekend!

An array of arts and crafts across the Nursery this week resulting in plenty of mess to clear up!