A lovely busy, messy week!


This week in Daisies, we have had lots of fun getting very messy with lots of different activities. The children loved mixing shaving foam with paint and then made some wonderful pictures. They also really enjoyed playing with the sand, although they all preferred to eat it but soon found out for themselves that it doesn't taste as good as it looks!

The children also really liked making some new sensory boxes - they chose what they wanted to put in each one and mixed it all together.

They have also been drawing some lovely pictures with the crayons… and trying to eat them which was very funny!

Have a great weekend!


This week in Dragonflies we have all been very busy with lots of the children visiting the 'shops' and the 'beach!’

We have had lots of fun playing with sand where all the children enjoyed digging and using the spades. One little boy had lots to say 'digging sand' and 'going to beach.’

We also had fun exploring all the different toys - the favourite was Thomas the Tank and his friends on the wooden train track. One little boy got so excited when he saw Thomas he was shouting in excitement!

The children loved making flowers with their hands, they painted their own hands and then I helped them make the flower!

Have a lovely weekend!


Our week in Incy Wincy Spiders has been all about our senses.

We began our week with musical instruments. With these, the children were able to test out the different sounds they could make by not only banging on the instruments but banging them together.

They also explored their touch sense by looking at our touch and feel books. The favourite was the Baa Baa Black Sheep book which has a soft finger puppet in the middle.

We've also spent some time with sounds by singing songs and looking at all the toys that make noise.

We spent a little time looking at colours as well and finally explored our sense of smell and taste with oat play.

Have a lovely weekend!


We have been exploring and practising lots of skills this week in Busy Bees.

At the beginning of the week, the children made blue slime with lots of glitter almost by themselves. They were very good at putting the mixtures together - mixing and playing with slime has been very popular at the moment!

Making and recognizing marks in flour was fun too. We heard some lovely comments including, ‘is dusty flour’ ‘is white’ ‘Can you do sun for me’ and ‘Look at mine.’ One clever Busy Bee said ‘I am drawing two circles’ using both hands.

The children have enjoyed Monkey Music on Tuesdays, they all happily joined in listened, sang and used all different kinds of musical instruments. They also took turns at the end to have a cuddle with the purple monkey!

Have a great weekend!


We have had another great week in Ladybirds! This week, we have been practising some cutting - cutting little sheets of paper with some adult help. The children also got to do their favourite thing again this week and play with some shaving foam! They clapped their hands and made lots of mess!

One of the children asked to do some painting so we had a lovely child led painting activity with sponges and brushes.

We have also made some huge sunflowers which we are using to measure the children’s’ height, they have loved looking at this and talking about who's the tallest!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


This week in Preschool, it has been really lovely to see some of our younger children making new friends and having great fun chatting and playing together.

We have certainly used the messy room this week - finding out what happens when you mix different materials like sand, rice and flour into paint. There were lots of comments like ‘this is all gloopy!’ The children have also explored what happens when you mix different colours into corn flour gloop. We also did some butterfly pictures, folding the paper over.

The gingerbread man who has run away has been sending us photos of himself! He has certainly had a great time running around Exeter. This has led to lots of discussions about our city and lots of ideas about what he has been up to. You never know, on your next trip into town, you might see him!

We have done lots of maths this week. We used our small sea world sorting shapes to count, order, compare and add. We have also played with 2D shapes, making lots of different patterns and pictures and talking about them. In the garden room, we have put up a big Rapunzel tower to see how tall the children are.

We have also talked about our body and all the bones in it. We then did some balancing and jumping, thinking about safe landings, of course!

Enjoy your weekend!

Shaving foam, sand play, singing and making wonderful music together!