Our week at Munchkins


We have been working on our fine motor skills in Daisies this week by doing some sticking. The children were very good at picking up the felt pieces and shredded paper and sticking them on the card. The pictures will look lovely on our new display!

We also had one very noisy morning with the pots and pans! The children loved banging on them with the spoons, making lots of great sounds! They also concentrated very hard when putting the balls into the different sections of the cake tins, although it wasn't long before the balls were being thrown around the room!

Our musical piano has been very popular this week, with everyone playing so nicely together and pressing all the buttons! We all loved dancing along to the music!

We have also been looking at lots of books, with some children just starting to show an interest in all the different pictures, and others sitting so nicely and listening to a whole story.

Have a lovely weekend!


The Dragonflies this week have had lots of fun focusing on their communication skills by practising words and sentences.

We have had some new friends join us from babies this week and already their sounds and words have come on! One little girl has been roaring nonstop and another has been shouting 'hiya!’

The other children have started to use names and sentences when they are communicating. One little girl said 'Claire… look big blocks!' which was very clever!

We also had fun exploring very wet and soggy spaghetti which had some interesting reactions!! Some children shouted 'wow!!' while others just said 'wet.’

Next week were very excited to celebrate Chinese New year! Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders it has been very calm.

We began the week with our favourite thing... Painting!! Using letter sponges and coloured paint, the children were able to print their names. With this activity, our older spiders looked a little at mixing colours as well and even some of our younger ones did great with recognising basic colours. Pink was the favourite of the day!

The middle of the week saw a trip to see our friends in Dragonflies, we had so much fun playing with rice and exploring all the wonderful toys.

The end of the week brought some calmer moments with building towers and counting up to 5.

Have a lovely weekend!


We have been focusing on and recognising feelings and heart shapes this week in Busy Bees.

We have been talking about who we love such as our family, mummy, daddy, friends, pets and toys. While we were decorating hearts by sticking tissue paper on them for their Valentine's card, the children also learnt that we have real hearts in our bodies. They found the left side of their chests and listened for a heartbeat. ‘I've got one look’ and ‘my mummy got heart and my baby’ were some of the comments we heard!

The children also showed excellent lining up and standing still skills before going into the garden, which helped to count them too!

Have a great weekend!


What a busy week we’ve had here in Preschool!

We made some yummy gingerbread mice by following a recipe from the Gruffalo Cookery Book that one of the children brought in.

We looked at pictures made from shapes and tried to replicate them ourselves which led to lots of chat and discussions. We have made play dough, incorporating it with numicon, using it to count and solve problems.

Using whisks, sand wheels and salad shakers, we have been engrossed in exploring how things work. We then used them for bubble painting and spin art later in the day.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week, from The Preschool Team.

Lots of noise, crafts and even some cooking – a lovely week for our little Munchkins!