A week of celebrations!


This week in Daisies, we have been getting creative for Valentine's Day. The children did some lovely paintings on heart shapes. The younger babies enjoyed doing some finger painting, enjoying the feel of the paint on their hands. The older children showed good control with the brushes, holding them really well and making great marks on the card.

We have also loved the balloons! The children loved grabbing them and watching us throw them up in the air! One little boy found them really funny - he was laughing so much at them!

Some of our younger children went over to Preschool to visit their siblings, which they really enjoyed! It's so lovely to see how excited they all get when they see each other! The babies loved all the attention and spent lots of time watching what was going on around them.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Dragonflies, we've been very creative celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New year.

The children loved creating valentines cards for their Mummies and Daddies by using sponges to make red hearts and blue flowers! The children then added glitter to make it very sparkly!

The children also enjoyed colouring in their new dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow. One little girl was very into the colouring especially keeping in the lines!

The Dragonflies also visited the big garden where we saw our new and old friends, we even had cuddles with them.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders, we've enjoyed doing lots of different fun activities.

We started with some fun free drawing, by laying out a large sheet of paper on the floor and using our fantastic paint sticks to make lots of amazing art with little to no mess!

We then went straight into sensory play by exploring our sensory bottles. We explored the noises we could make by shaking the different contents.

By mid week we were a little tired so we relaxed with a little building of our hand eye coordination. We did this by threading with cotton reels. One of our little Incies did amazing at this with no help.

As our week comes to an end we will be exploring some play with oats and filling and emptying containers.

Lastly we would like to wish one of our little boys a very happy birthday and a happy Valentine's to all our parents!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Bees, the children have been making lots of towers from Lego which led to them counting blocks up to and past ten, with a little help. They motivated each other when watching and said ‘look it’s growing up’ and ‘mine is tall too’ and they made the tallest towers they could. They stood on tip toes, transferred the tower onto the floor or a member of staff for help to be lifted up or bring them more blocks ‘I need more blocks!’

The children had lots of ideas about what to put on their pancakes for Pancake day. They thought about some ‘spinach,’ ‘tomato,’ ‘banana’ and ‘icy sugar’ but strawberries and blueberries won by far - they said it was the best topping!

Have a great weekend!


This week in Ladybirds we have been embracing Valentine's day – the children made some Valentine's cards for their parents, choosing the colours they wanted to use and doing some lovely drawings inside. We made some love heart biscuits and the children practiced their motor skills by stirring the ingredients, and they loved putting the icing on too, of course the best part was getting to eat them at snack time!

We had another special day this week... Pancake Day! We made our own play dough pancakes, rolling them out and cutting them with some cutters. We also had some water and added some bubbles to it using the whisks to make lots of bubbles.

Have a lovely weekend!


With ‘Spring in the Air’ and lots of special days, we have really focused on all 3 areas of understanding the world this week in Preschool.

We have planted seeds, thinking about what they need in order to grow and examined spring flowering bulbs with magnifying glasses to look at their different parts and note the differences. The children also sequenced pictures to make books of how seeds grow.

The children have thought about what they might like to do when they grow up having looked at and talked about photos showing a variety of different occupations.

We have had fun celebrating 3 special days – Pancake Day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year. The children helped make batter and then watched as Sarah cooked and flipped pancakes for us to eat. We hope you liked the heart biscuits the children made for the people they love. Some of them made cards too.

On Friday, we are celebrating Chinese New Year by making lanterns, looking at traditional food , what we can eat it with and tasting it too!

We have played with our programmable beebot, the children loved seeing what happens when they press the buttons and if they can make it go in a direction that they wanted.

We have also played lots of listening and rhyming games and some of the children have played games based around listening for initial sounds in words.

Have a great weekend!

The children have had a great week celebrating Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!