Eggcellent fun!


This week in Daisies, the children have been exploring different textures. The children loved the compost! They were digging around in it and some of them ended up crawling and walking through the tray! The children have also been exploring oats, sprinkling them all over the floor! The sand was the biggest hit, with the children grabbing handfuls and putting it all over my legs! They also enjoyed finding all the hidden people in the sand.

The animals have been popular and the children have been working on their communication skills. They were very good at making the animal sounds, copying us when we said 'raaah' and 'moo'. One little boy just made clip clop noises with his tongue for all the animals! We have also had lots of babbling this week, with one little boy holding the phone to his ear and shouting 'hiya!'.

Now that the weather is improving, we have started to go outside in the garden! The children love crawling around and exploring all the different toys! They loved rolling the balls and interacting with the older children.

Have a great weekend!


This week in Dragonflies the children enjoyed lots of sensory toys.

They loved exploring the sensory bottles, watching how some change colour and how some had sequins. There were lots of gasps!

The children have had lots of fun making sensory balls, using coloured rice, colourful shredded paper and sequins!

They have also had the stacking cups out for some of the younger children joining Dragonflies, which everyone enjoyed banging and being so noisy!

Hope you have a great weekend!


This past week has been really fun packed in Incy Wincy Spider’s.

The children had a lovely trip to the library where everyone had such a lovely time climbing on the foam steps and looking through all the different books. Their favourite part was having a picnic and a go on the rocking horse.

The children then did some body painting!

This was amazing for our sensory learning because they got to explore the feel of the paint while experimenting with the marks that they could create. Of course, some of the children decided it would be a better idea to paint our legs!

The highlight this week for the children was visiting our fury little friend the chicks in pre-school. Our little spiders really loved them.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week Busy Bee’s have started to explore Easter! The children have been continuing with the letters of the alphabet, sticking and finding other words which start with same letters as 'Happy Easter'.

Busy Bee’s have been looking at the start of a chicken’s life and how chicks grow inside eggs before hatching out. The children have been opening some plastic eggs to see if any chicks were inside. One curious child even tried to open a foam egg! The children were constantly commenting on the eggs and the chicks, "he laid an egg", "that's tiny egg", "baby chick". .

Busy Bee’s enjoyed looking at and handling the chicks, commenting on how soft and fluffy the chick’s feathers are. The children have been aware of the chicks resting, telling their friends “sssshhh. They sleep!”

Have a nice weekend everyone!’


We have had a special delivery at nursery this week, we have had some eggs delivered in pre-school and some chicks have hatched from them, the children have loved visiting the chicks and saying hello to them. They have all been very excited and have done lots of activities around this. The children have really enjoyed having the farm out with toy chicks on it and have spoken about chicks living on the farm and what other animals live on the farm. The children named lots of animals and we had cows, pigs and even zebras.

They did some free painting and the children lead this activity choosing which tools and colours they would like to use. These will become our own chick eggs! The children have also been playing with the toy eggs and counting how many they have. We had a great time at our disco with lots of dancing, music and they even had a special disco light!

Have a wonderful weekend.


It’s been a busy week in Pre-school!

We came in to find lots of snow still in our garden on Tuesday, so the children had a lovely day exploring the ice and snow, making snow balls and seeing how fast they melt.

We’ve also had an exciting time as our eggs have been delivered. The chicks will be with us for 2 weeks! They are residing in the cafe for this time. The children have had a great time with a hands-on experience, watching the life cycle of a chick from an egg. Some of Pre-school have drawn pictures of what we think the chicks will look like when they hatch, observing them and then the children have set up a drawing station for them to draw their representation of the chicks, a lovely opportunity for the children to draw something from real life, expanding their arts and design.

We had a lovely time working on our maths skills using playdough and numicon over the last week. The children rolled playdough into balls, tried adding one more, and seeing what numbers they could recognise. The children also used magnets. Some were fascinated by the fact that they could join things together, some of us enjoyed watching how they jumped and moved. The children then tried to hang magnets balls and clips from the ceiling. They worked really hard with turn taking, adding one more thing each at a time.

Pre-school have also been really enjoying all of the family photos and stories the children have been telling us. It introduces different cultures, festivals and aspect of their world they may not come across! We've been looking at the globe to see where different places world are to support this. The children then went further discussing and finding out about cousins, Grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as more immediate family members, where they live and what the children do with them.

The children have found different ways of moving and balanced over an indoor assault course. They then used the blocks to create a stage and then did some performing. Pre-school then finished the week with a disco with nets, lights torches and did our best dance moves to raise money and our steps for Sports Relief.

What a great week! Have a lovely weekend!

This week we have been enjoying the snow, messy play and the arrival of our chick eggs!