Creative minds, messy hands!


Last week in Daisies the children had fun exploring the sand! They have been using different equipment to explore it. First Daisies used the dinosaurs to stomp around in the sand, and they also practiced their 'rraahh' sounds. Then the children decided to use the stacking cups, filling them up with sand and watching the sand fall through the holes. The babies liked trying to catch the sand as it fell!

The children also used the lolly pop sticks to make lots of different marks in the sand. Daisies have also been doing some mark-making with the felt tips, and everyone loved climbing in and out of the ball pool. They were all sat in there together, passing the balls to each other and playing nicely.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week, Dragonflies were very creative!

At the start of the week, the children enjoyed making a dingle dangle scarecrow, out of lots of different materials such as tissue paper, scrap paper, shredded foil and glue! The children loved sticking all the pieces on.

Dragonflies have also been lucky enough to have Monkey Music come and sing with us. The children loved playing the musical instruments, joining in with actions and dancing to the music!

Later on in the week the children had lots of fun making rice crispy cakes to celebrate one of their friends turning two! All the children had a fantastic time stirring the mixture and tasting it as they cooked!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week Incy Wincy Spiders were very busy with making playdough together. The children measured flour and salt using a cup, pouring them into the bigger bowl. They all had turn mixing the mixture to make their playdough! Incy Wincy had great fun exploring dough by squeezing it through their hands and then rolling the dough with roller.

Incy Wincys have also been taking fantastic care of all their soft toys, as well as all the grown-ups! They took on the role of doctors, making sure we were all fit and well. The children took our temperature, listened for our heartbeats and even tested all our hearing!

The children had a picnic tea outside. They loved sitting down in the sunshine with their friends. Once they had finished their tea, they all got up and ran said to the sandpit to make some sandcastles!

Hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend.


Busy bees had a great week last week!

The children made some yummy cakes! They really enjoyed measuring out all the ingredients and adding them to the bowl in turn. Busy Bees then showed great gross motor skills, mixing all the ingredients together in the bowl to make the batter! The children then spooned the mixture into the cases and had great fun taste testing them.

Busy Bees also got very messy with the shaving foam. The children talked to the grown-ups about the texture of the foam and how it felt on their hands, with everyone having a touch to see. They then decided to add some animals into the shaving foam, looking at the different marks they make with their feet!

The children had a great time at the end of the week, dancing away and having a little party after tea! They loved dancing, jumping up and down with their friends to some music.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Last week, the children have been playing and sharing lovely together in Ladybirds.

At the beginning of the week, they were playing with the wooden blocks. The children made some wonderful constructions. One of the children told me she was building a castle and sat for several minutes concentrating on building it!

Ladybirds then had great fun experimenting with new messy play called; moon sand! The children loved helping the grown-ups stir the shaving foam in with the sand. They then turned it into a swamp and put some dinosaurs in it. Ladybirds talked a lot about the different colours of the dinosaurs and if they were big or small!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


What a busy week Preschool had.

There was a Preschool bake off week with the making of apple cakes, scones, gingerbread biscuits and pizza muffins! There were some great talks amongst the children about how the different ingredients are made and where in the world they come from, sugar from sugar canes (which they researched on the computer to see what the original plant looks like) butter from milk, one child saying "yes you have to stir and stir it until the milk turns into two bit," perfect! Lots of the children have apple trees growing near or in their gardens so they knew where they came from. The adults talked to the children about why they shouldn't eat raw eggs and how important it is to wash their hands throughout the cooking process. Preschool tasted them while having tea in the garden and they were delicious! This is all an important part of the children's Physical development as it teaches good practise in regards to food.

The children have continued their passion from junk modelling, lots has been brought in (thank you! please keep it coming!) and rockets, robots and castles have been created. They put paper mache on them and are waiting to paint them this week when they're dry.

Preschool also got out to the park on Tuesday. The children split into 2 groups and half went in the morning and half in the afternoon. This allows Preschool some lovely small group time and the ability to do some trips which we are unable to do with a bigger group. Preschool are going to try their best to continue to do trips out and around Exeter with the children, depending on staffing ratios. The park was great fun and the children even got a chance (with Robbie) to go on the zip wire! Some fantastic climbing, sliding, roles play and swinging was seen by all and great awareness and practise of road safety.

Some lovely time spent in the garden in this warm weather! The children have been very interested in throwing, catching and chasing balls around the garden. With Rob's help we have been perfecting our goal skills throwing balls into the basketball net. Preschool have some children who are fascinated in throwing, sometimes known as a 'trajectory schema.'

Hope everyone had a brilliant weekend!

Last week the children have let their creative minds explore with messy play, imaginative role play as well as construction and junk modelling!