Mess, mess and more mess!


Last week Daisies have been spending lots of time outside. The children had fun in both the big garden and the small garden! In the big garden, the babies loved crawling and walking around with the big children. One boy loved whizzing down the slide. He had the biggest smile on his face!

The children have also been doing lots of mark making! First Daisies made some autumn leaves by doing some finger painting and drawing with the crayons. The children also made some great marks on the lino with the chalks!

Some of the children have been showing how well they can concentrate by spending lots of time filling up an empty tub with wooden blocks!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Last week Dragonflies were soo messy!

The children enjoyed getting the sand out, using the spades, buckets, and the shapes to build small sand castles.

Dragonflies then had the gloop out which the children were obsessed with and were covered head go toe!

The children have also been practising their 2 words and single words. One little girl turned and said "help me!" One little boy told me his ice cream was "cold" which was also very clever!

Dragonflies have also been creating different autumn pictures with real leaves! First they used the leaves to create different marks, by using paint. Then the children used glue to stick the leaves on the paper. The children loved collecting the leaves for our pictures and they loved using their own bucket.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week Incy Wincy Spiders spent a lot of time in garden, looking at the autumnal changes, exploring and playing with leaves.

The children counted the leaves they could find, gathering them all together. They collected a big pile of leaves and loved throwing them up into the air watching them float and swirl back down to the ground! After having great fun with the leaves outside, Incy Wincys collected them together and brought them inside where the children stuck them all down creating a leaf collage for the room.

Incy Wincy Spiders have been getting creative with the chunky pencils and chalks. The children experimented with mark making and colours. They created lots of lines and circles, some long and some short, some curly and some wiggly. One child made a zigzagging snake, pointing at it making a ‘sssssss’!

The children also showed some fantastic focusing when playing with the threading cotton reels and some spaghetti! They concentrated hard on threading the spaghetti throw the reels, stacking them up until the spaghetti was full to the top.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Last week in busy bees has been so much fun!

The children have had so much fun exploring different ways of being creative! Busy Bees did some amazing thread painting. The children had so much fun exploring how they could make different marks by dragging, flicking and tapping the thread using the different colours.

Busy Bees also had a great time making a zoo in the sand pit. The children continued this all day utilizing Playdough, chalk and they even took the large blocks into the garden to continue with our zoo theme in the afternoon.

As the week came to an end the children had such an amazing time making their own cheese scones! This was so exciting and the children got to explore changing textures as they combined the butter and flour and then later on the milk. After it was cooked the children and grown-ups spoke a little about how the scones had changed.

We all hope you had such a lovely weekend!


Last week Ladybirds have been experimenting with different ways to make marks.

The children loved playing with the cars and the garage, testing to see which ones fit down the hill of the garage. They extended this further by building a pipe network and rolling them down the pipe! Ladybirds also enjoyed experimenting with the cars and paint. The children had great fun making them go back and forth in paint onto the paper. Ladybirds then furthered their mark making with different size blocks, comparing big and small prints.

Outside Ladybirds have really enjoyed water play. The children have been making bubbles in the water, and have been filling and emptying different jugs and containers.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


What a wonderful week we had in Preschool.

Preschool have had had great fun visiting the museum last Wednesday. They walked ALL the way there and back! This provided the children with great opportunities for walking and talking with their grown-ups. Preschool noticed writing on, and shapes of signs, cranes, vehicles, and people doing jobs. There was so much to see and do that Preschool will definitely return. The children’s favourites included feeling fossils, samurai armour, trying on helmets, not to mention the animals and the watching the prehistoric timeline! A big thank you to those who came and helped us to get there!

The children have practiced their fine motor skills by threading leaves onto garlands and transforming our book corner from summer to an autumnal wonderland.

The children have been really keen to create an ice cream shop. They have made some deliciously flavoured cones from playdough and paper and created signs for our roleplay. Preschool also made and then played with some black starry playdough. They were great at sharing and playing with the friends.

Preschool have been welcoming their old friends from Busy Bees and Ladybirds to come and join them in Preschool! The children have also been seeing some new faces come for their first couple of visits and have been very kind in helping and supporting them in Preschool.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Last week the children have been getting messier than ever, having trips out and have started to look at the changes Autumn brings!