Messy Munchkins


Last week in Daisies, the children have been spending lots of time in the garden again. Daisies went over to the big garden at the beginning of the week, where the babies loved all the attention from the older children!

The babies have also been playing so nicely together, sharing their toys and playing 'peek-a-boo' in the house. They also found it so funny crawling through the tunnels together!

Some of the babies have also been very helpful, finding their own shoes and coats and even trying to put their own socks on. Very independent!

Daisies have also been playing with some sand, using their fingers to mix it in with some flour. The babies also loved lying down in the tray!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Last week Dragonflies have been very adventurous, exploring all sorts of different textures.

The children had so much fun with the big group painting. They used rollers, brushes and their hands to make so many different marks and exploring the way the paint felt on the different items.

Dragonflies then had a go at using different objects when exploring the Playdoh. The children used cutters to make animals and the roller to flatten it. They all loved squishing and moulding the Playdoh, turning into different animals.

The children also explored the super wet garden! They have been learning different every day words to say such as "wet" and "cold", expanding their vocabulary even further.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Last week in Incys Wincy Spiders, the children have enjoyed getting messy with some shaving foam. They loved using their hands and the sticks to make some marks and even found some glittery stars hiding at the bottom! The children had great fun hiding them again and their friends digging them back out. One child was commenting “star! Look – star!”

All the play in the messy shaving for led to the children singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’. Incy Wincys have some great musicians who used the instruments to create their own music, dancing away to the songs they were making.

Incy Wincys have also really enjoyed sharing and looking at the books, whether with their friends, a grown-up or on their own. The children handled the books with great care, turning the pages carefully! They really enjoyed listening to the stories being read by an adult.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Last week in Busy Bees was so exciting!

The children began by learning using their imaginations. They did this all throughout the week when playing with Playdough. Some of the children chose to make balls and cakes. One little girl even and made her own spaghetti and meat balls! The children also helped to make the Playdough so they got a chance to see how mixtures can change when different ingredients are added and mixed together.

Busy Bees also got a chance to see the change in ingredients when we made bread! All of the children had so much fun doing this together. The children helped the grown-up to add the different ingredients taking a pause at each stage to talk about what they could see, smell and feel. Later in the day the children got to see how the dough had changed and risen. Busy Bees discussed about how the yeast they included had caused this and then the children all took a moment to talk about how other things change. One little boy spoke about how his baby brother was growing. The best part of making the bread was of course eating it!

The children also had some fun outside with Paul learning how to jump. Paul told them how to position their legs to ensure they landed safely and securely. By the end of the activity some children had coffee along so far even jumping on their own!

Busy Bees have also been learning about textures with Paul and Emily. By combining shaving foam and water beads, the children got to feel two separate textures at the same time and look at different colours. Paul also taught the children how by dropping the water beads from different heights they could create a variety of marks in the foam.

Finally, Busy Bees looked at numbers and practised some counting. The children then took this further outside during a running race in the garden! The children also got to experience some crazy wet weather as well and of course their favourite splashing in puddles making lots of bubbles!

What a lovely week! We hope you all had a great weekend!


Ladybirds have been very interested in vehicles and the bikes last week!

Outside in the garden the children have been practising their balancing skills on the bikes and trikes. They have also been wearing their helmets. Ladybirds have been telling the grown-ups how important it is, discussing a lot about keeping their heads safe too.

Ladybirds have once again loved the cars and the garage this week! The children have been experimenting with different shape and size cars to see which ones are able to fit down the ramp and into the garage. Some of the children gathered all the big wooden cars and vehicles together and lined them all up!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


What a great week for weather! Preschool have tried to be outside as much as possible during this time of year as we don’t have to worry so much about sun cream hats or coats, perfect! The children have been happily building up their strength on the balance bikes and scooters. A few of our Pre-schoolers have coupled up and now tear around the garden at quite a pace on the sharing bikes, one pushing behind and one peddling! Preschool have had lots of mentions that children’s abilities to ride bikes without stabilisers have improved massively because of their regular use of these new bikes. This is great for building up the children’s physical development and muscles. It also helps with the other element of physical development which is self-care. Preschool have talked lots about the need to use helmets and why the children think it is important to. This has led to some great bodily discussions about where our brain is and what that does.

An amazing storm towards the end of last week which was a great learning opportunity! To start with, independently putting on our coats. Pre-School have mastered their own technique which I’m sure the children will show you! The children looked at floating and sinking in puddles, the way water moves and how it always tries to get to the lowest point. Lots of fabulous puddle jumping and looking at the way the wind catches balloons!

Some of the children have been looking at storytelling. This is a part of our literacy development and a great way for children to start to imagine their own stories, how they are structured and what characters might be in them. They have used puppets and made their own to create stories and used their puppet theatre to project them to each other.

It’s been a great week with lots more going on. Preschools wooden animal Ark has made a reappearance so the children have created several zoos this week talking about their experiences of these animals. The children have also done lots of great water ways and playdough making. Preschool had an afternoon dedicated to playdough which turned more into a flour filled afternoon but then settled into some great mark making (a fab way to get those children interested in mark making who don’t want to hold a pen). Mobilo, construction and as always, tonnes of sand play!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Last week the children have been exploring different textures using their senses, having a great time outdoors and, as always, enjoying the messy play!