Welcoming Autumn


Daisies had a very active week last week, putting on the muddy puddle suits and going out to the garden to explore! While outside, the children loved using the walkers to practice their walking. The children also liked crawling in and out of the house, playing peek-a-boo with the grown-ups!

The children had great fun exploring the musical instruments, making lots of different noises and sounds. One child really mastered using the beater to bang on the drum!

Daisies have also been using their senses to explore different textures and materials liked to explore the different textures and materials such as flour, shredded paper and pasta.

Some of the children have also been doing some pretend play using the tea set, passing cups to the grown-ups to drink out of and copying some of the action that they saw the adults doing such as passing a cup of tea or putting food on to a plate.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have had lots of fun practising different fine motor movements, such as the pincer movements, the tripod grip, and showing control during messy play!

At the start of the week Dragonflies had a great time in Monkey Music. The children loved joining in with the actions, and exploring all the fun musical instruments and the different sounds they make!

Later on in the week, the children had so much fun finding animals hidden in the ball pool. It was filled with lot of shredded paper. The children had so much fun throwing the paper everywhere, and pretending it was snow! Dragonflies also had fun looking at and exploring lots of different autumnal seeds, like conkers, pine cones and acorns.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Incy Wincy Spiders, the children have spent lots of time outside! They built an obstacle course using the blocks and some children grew in leaps and bounds with their confidence trying out the course. This could also be seen later when climbing up to the top of the slide and walking up and down the nursery stairs. Incy Wincy also made up a game of tag. They chased each other around the garden, running after each other, taking it in turns to catch their friends. The children are also becoming more safety aware when playing outside on the bikes and trikes. Before going to use one of them, they will first have a look and go get a helmet. The children always make sure that the helmet is secure on their head before beginning to whizz around!

Incy Wincy Spiders have also loved getting messy last week! Inside the children have had great fun with some sensory play. They used the oats, glitter and flour to make lots of different marks! The children loved to look at the different marks and patterns they had made with their hands and fingers. Some children even gathered some flour into their hands and blew on it to create big clouds in the air! Outside Incy Wincys really enjoyed playing with the ‘yellow water’. They mixed the yellow paint into the water with the bubbles to create lots of messy fun!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Bees was full of the best kind of learning!

At the beginning of the week the children created some racing games in the garden. By doing this the children were able to observe what exercise did to their bodies. They discovered that running really fast made the children run out of breath and their hearts beat faster.

Tuesday saw an explosion of colour across the garden! What started as an experiment with powder paint and water turned into a learning journey. By mixing the paint into the water Busy Bees were able to really see how the water flows down the hill. This led into conversations about rivers and how they flow.

Mid-week brought pizza day! The children were so excited about making pizza and even got some of the children from other rooms to help us. In the morning the children made the dough. They looked at the different ingredients and why each one is needed. After mixing everything together it was time to wait. The dough rose and then it was time to beat it down and shape our pizzas. After baking the base in the afternoon came topping time! The children used lots of ingredients such as tomato paste, pineapple, peppers, ham, chicken and of course lots of cheese!

What a great week Busy Bees have had!


Last week Ladybirds have been exploring different ways to use water.

At the beginning of the week, the children explored yellow water outside. They were fascinated at how the mixture of the powder paint and water turned the powder paint into a liquid! Ladybirds really enjoyed experimenting with the powder paint, exploring how little water was needed to change it! Ladybirds then gathered the animals up altogether and took then to the bubbly water tray to wash them. The children were very gentle when cleaning the animals, using the cloths to ensure they had been wiped “all clean!”

The children have been making really imaginative pictures this week, one child told me he drew "mummies house" and another child practised drawing circles. At the end of week we worked on our physical development by learning how to jump off a high table safely and encouraging the children to take safe risks and building their confidence.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Last week Preschool really embraced Autumn. The children now have a huge collection of conkers in our tuff tray and transferred them with tweezers into flower pots. They have practised their fine motor skills by using the tweezers to transfer the conkers into the pots. Preschool have predicted how many there might be in the pots, counted them and found the appropriate numeral to match.

The children requested to make some scrummy flapjack and had great fun helping to get the utensils that they needed, thinking about what ingredients they might need, taking turns to measure, spoon and weigh and even singing "Pat a Cake" as they pushed it into the tin! This helped the children to work out what sounds each of their names started with as they each had a turn.

The children have done some amazing balancing and jumping. Wow! They decided that they wanted to build a higher and more challenging assault course. With the support of staff they risk assessed the challenge thinking of how to make it safe and then stacked blocks to reach the table before climbing up the blocks, along the table and then jumping off onto the safety surface!

The children have continued to be fascinated by water outside and have done lots of exploring; it even turned into imaginative play when one child decided to throw water on the playground, telling us he was a fireman. Preschool then drew "fire" on the walls and playground and the children investigated to find ways to put it out (using water and brushes and throwing water on it).

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Last week the children have been welcoming Autumn. Munchkins enjoyed exploring different autumnal items and textures, as well as being outside in the crisp, fresh air!