Outdoor explorers


Last week in Daisies, the children have spent more time in the garden. They love going outside, practising their walking, running and climbing! The climbing frame was very popular as usual, with the younger ones using it to cruise around, and the older ones challenging themselves and climbing up the steps!

When Daisies go outside, the babies love watching the birds and planes flying over! One little boy also gets so excited whenever he hears a plane when we are inside. He will point and go to the window to look for it! The children had a nice picnic tea in the garden too, making the most of the sunshine before it disappears.

Daisies have also been practising their fine motor skills, using a pincer grip to pick up pieces of pasta and rice. The children also like putting the pasta into some empty yogurt pots. It kept them busy for some time!

The children have also been enjoying lots of one to one time in the book corner, sharing books and singing some songs.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies the children have been very busy!

Dragonflies started of the week with a walk to the park where the children were fascinated with the older children! They loved going on the big slides. Some of the children were brave enough to climb up to the top, using the climbing wall all on their own!

The children have been practising their scooping skills using spoons and pots to collect the messy play in. They were very good at scooping however some preferred it on the floor!

Dragonflies have also been very friendly to one another. They noticed when one of their friends were upset, and went over to comfort each other and giving lots of cuddles.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders were very active in garden all of last week, enjoying the autumn sun.

The children have been exploring different ways of completing obstacles courses. They have been climbing up, crawling or walking along the course stepping from one box to another. The children are growing in their confidence, some even letting go of the grown-ups hands, as well as jumping off when they reached the end of the course!

Incy Wincys are growing in their independence from the grown-ups. When they were getting ready to go outside to play, instead of asking the adult for help with their shoes, they have been trying to put them on by themselves! Some children even gave some support to their friends, helping with put their shoes on if they were struggling a little.

The children have also shown an interest in sea animals last week. Incy Wincys read a couple of stories together all about the different animals which live in the sea. This then became a feature in their messy play. The children loved playing with the sea animals, getting them to swim through the sparkly blue and green tinsel, jumping them over the ‘wave’! One child even began to feed his whale with the tinsel!

Hope everybody had lovely weekend.


Last week in Busy Bees was so much fun!

It began with some amazing new toys. The children were especially fond of the new role play outfits and Busy Bees were even introduced to our new Munchkins chefs!

The children also really enjoyed our new light box. They took a moment to look at different shapes and then went on to look at shadows with Paul.

As the week went on, Busy Bees got involved in their favourite activity, jumping! The children have really worked hard at learning to jump and land safely and work as a team to build the assault course.

Through week the children enjoyed exploring the movement of water and taking part in group songs especially enjoying the sleeping bunnies.

What a lovely week!


Last week Ladybirds have been practising their physical development.

At the start of the week, Ladybirds had a delivery of some hollow blocks. It was lovely watching how the children interpreted these. One little boy got them all out of the box and lined them up from one side of the room to the other! The children loved walking along these and exploring the different things they could do with them such as building a platform to practice walking and using them as a road for the cars.

Ladybirds have also been constructing lots of different things, using different materials for different things! Some of the children worked together to build a train track. They made it built it into a large circle and then practised jumping into the circle. There was some very high jumping! The children also worked together to make a house out of the Duplo. One of child even decided to move in!

Don't forget Halloween next Wednesday; feel free to dress up if you wish.

Ladybirds look forward to another fun week. Hope you had a fab weekend.


What a wonderful week in Preschool with plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

The children have been thinking about how to use tools and equipment safely. They have been showing each other how to use, and carry scissors safely. They have worked very hard together to make the large floor puzzle which shows a construction site. Preschool then talked about what is happening, what tools and equipment are being used and how the work force keeps safe.

Some of the Preschool children realised that they could spin different plastic shapes. This led on to them looking at the shapes and choosing to make some plastic spinners. They made their spinners from card, decorating them using the crayons, pencils and pens. Once the spinners were decorated, the children used some sticks to put through the middle and testing their spinners out!

Preschool have been on a trip to the pond to see the fish. They explored the grounds, looking at the wonderful autumn colour. The children talked about the seasons and the changes they have been seeing in the grounds. Preschool brought leaves back inside to make some lovely autumnal pictures with!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Last week the children have had great fun exploring the outdoors! The children have been taking risks, building and climbing.