Let’s get messy :)


Last week in Daisies was a messy one!

Daisies have been doing some painting using the rollers practising their control using different tools and learning how to use them. The children were also interested in table top painting so with the paint under some cling film on a table, the children had great fun exploring the texture. This was a good activity as the children were able to practice cruising along the table and also pulling themselves up, to hold on to the table. Daisies also had some red, orange and yellow shredded paper out, which the children played with and also used to make some bonfire pictures.

The babies have been mark making too, using the chalks and drawing on the chalk board. This was a good activity to help the children use a whole hand grasp or tripod grip to hold the chalks.

Some of the children were showing an interest in the corridor and all the toys out there, so the gate was opened and the children had free flow between the main play room and the corridor. Everyone loved the interactive toys and they were walking up and down with the walkers, with big smiles on their faces.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Last week Dragonflies have been very creative.

The children made beautiful firework pictures using card cut up to make explosions similar to real ones! They were so excited to see lots of colour and to be able to add glitter. You could try this activity at home by stapling the card together and then cutting strips along the bottom. This will help with the children's physical development and having control with objects.

For the bonfire night Dragonflies made yummy rice crispy cakes. The children all had a go at stirring the rice krispies and chocolate, mixing them together.

The rainy garden has also been lots of fun. All the children will run into the garden and find any puddle to splash in or even sit in! They've all been having lots of laughs splashing alongside each other.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders had such a fun week last week!

The week started off Dragonflies. All the children had lots of fun seeing their other friends and playing in the Annexe garden, developing their physical skills. They especially liked the mini climbing frame, showing great confidence in climbing the steps to go down the slide.

Incy Wincys have also really enjoyed messy play with the flour this week. The children liked using their hands to explore the flour and the way it felt on their skin. They watched how the flour moved and slid off with ease as they moved their hands through the flor making marks as they went. The children then decided to add the cars into the flour, moving them through and watching the marks and patterns the wheels left behind.

The week ended with lots of construction taking place. One little boy chose to have the train track out, constructing his own from the pieces. He focused really well and kept going until he had connected all the pieces together! Another favourite has been the clippo blocks where the one child managed to build a great, big tower!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


What a lovely fun week in Busy Bees!

Last week the children learned a lot about how to create different marks when using pens of different sizes, during a drawing activity. This not only helped to understand the different marks the children could make but developed their ability to hold pens in more of a tripod grip. This is something you could carry forward at home by letting your children take part in drawing activities with you.

The children also took time to look at different animals which gave us the chance to talk about how animals live all over the world as well as how some animals need to live in certain areas, such as sea life in salt water.

During the week the children took a moment to learn about how water moves when tipping red water down across the garden as it is sloped, the children were able to learn also about directions and how water flows downhill.

Finally when playing with the new hollow bricks the children put their imagination to work! Busy Bees read the three little pigs and then used the blocks to build the different houses. This held the children learn about relating their activities to role play and also about how to build safely. This could be followed through at home by taking time to read stories and then acting them out maybe through building of dens or even drawing their favourite stories.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


This week Ladybirds have been having a lot of fun experimenting outside! At the beginning of the week the children loved having out the soft blocks. They showed great team work skills, working together to build a variety different structures. There were bridges, towers and even a house being constructed! The end of the week brought a fair bit of rain. Ladybirds got out their wellies and the puddle suits. Once they children were all dressed ready for the weather, the muddy puddle splashing began! Some of the Ladybirds even brought some animals to jump in the puddles too.

Inside the children have been showing a great interest in the dinosaurs. Ladybirds decided to create their own dinosaurs swamp using a variety of different materials and messy play, choosing each resource themselves. The children loved making the dinosaurs stomp in the swamp!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


What a great week Preschool had, with lots of festivals to celebrate.

Monday saw Bonfire Night with lots of children attending the Munchkins Firework Display. Earlier the children had listened to a story about cheeky Guy Fawkes. The children used lots of materials to create their own textured Bonfire pictures and then had great fun exploding paint in the garden! On Thursday Preschool celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Light. The children painted some wonderful Rangoli patterns. The children also looked at some short clips about Armistice Day and used red playdough they had made to create poppies.

The children have thought about why it is so important to clean their teeth. They shared a story about a boy called Sam who knew all about his teeth and how to care for them. This led to some wonderful vocabulary being used like cavities, plaque, enamel and dentine. Preschool were fascinated to learn that enamel is the hardest thing in our whole body. The children took it in turns to draw gooey sticky plaque with a pen on a laminated picture of teeth and then used a toothbrush and pea sized amount of toothpaste to try and make them clean. This links in to Health and Self Care in the Physical Development area of the Early Years Curriculum.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Last week the children have been getting very messy, exploring different textures and letting their creative minds flow.