Beginning Christmas crafts


Last week in Daisies was been a quiet one, but the children have still had lots of fun!

Daisies started the week by starting the Christmas craft for all you Mummies and Daddies. The children enjoyed using the paint brushes to make some lovely marks, as well as using their fingers of course, getting very messy!

As Daisies have been so quiet, the children went on a lovely trip to the library! They had so much fun walking and crawling around everywhere, pulling out all the books and toys they wanted to play with, as well as sitting down and listening to us read some stories!

The children have also spent lots of time outside, going over to the big garden, where they had fun splashing in the water!

At the end of the week, Daisies joined our friends in Incy Wincy Spiders where the children had lots of fun exploring the different rooms!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Last week Dragonflies have been very busy being very helpful and caring.

The children have been practising there tidying, and encouraging each other to find the correct items. Some of the children have also been trying to take turns and a little bit of sharing.

Dragonflies have also started their Christmas craft which will be sent home on their last day! The children have been using a thumb and finger grasp to pick up little bits of sequins and glitter when sticking.

The Dragonflies have also been very busy outside as always. The younger children have been very good at running and getting their balance on the stepping stones.

The children have also enjoyed dancing listening to the Christmas songs, as they are all very excited for Father Christmas to come!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Incy Wincy Spiders, the children have been very busy with Christmas craft. The children have really enjoyed getting messy and creative with the paints. They also loved using the glue to decorated the snowflakes with stars and some tiny beads! This is fantastic for practising their fine motor skills, picking the beads up between their fingers and thumbs. Incy Wincys also had great fun decorating the Christmas tree, looking at the different baubles and shaking the tinsel.

Incy Wincys also waved a big goodbye to Monkey Music, which will be moving to a different age group next term. The children all had a go at some new Christmas carols and even meet a snowman and a reindeer all the way from the North Pole!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Last week in Busy Bees has been all about creative exploration!

It began with the children exploring through the use of their imaginations. The children began to line up chairs as if they were going on a train journey. With the help of Paul and Serena, the children made their own tickets and went on a wonderful journey. If you wanted to continue this at home you can do this with dressing up or like we did simply by observing your child's interests or what they are doing and create an experience simply by using what's around you.

Busy Bees really encouraged working as part of a team last week and figuring things out together. One of the ways this happened during the week with the children was by teaching them how to work the water wall. The children worked together to fill the bucket and work the pump. Of course this meant that the children also got the chance to create some amazing puddles that they were able to jump in and learn about the effect of movement and learning to move in a variety of ways. You can also do this at home by encouraging your child to help you with things around the house.

As the weeks end came we started to get into the Christmas spirit, Busy Bees made a post box for the children to post their letters to Santa. The conversation this created was wonderful because some of the children got to talk about what they were going to ask Santa for. One little girl said she's going to ask Santa for a walking, taking baby doll. Another child wanted a red bus and one child stuck to their wish for some broccoli.

What a lovely week we have had in Busy Bees!


A lot of the children have been to see Santa last week so Ladybirds took the opportunity to start their Christmas craft! The children have been telling us what they would like for Christmas and all about their experience seeing Father Christmas.

Ladybirds have had a delivery of some new maths toys and they have gone down a treat! The children enjoyed playing with the lock board practising opening different locks to see what is underneath. This also helps them develop their fine motor skills. The children have been working together to do some puzzles and some sorting counting of how many of each bird they had in the pots.

The children have been very helpful children last week too. They have enjoyed helping the adults set up the beds as well as putting away their chairs after tea. Letting the children help with small tasks helps boost their self-confidence and helps with their personal, emotional and social development. You can promote this at home by letting children help with small jobs such as helping sweep up with a dust pan a brush.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Last week has seen Preschool really getting into preparations for Christmas. There has been lots of wonderful decorations with glue and glitter. The children have used one handed tools. They practised their cutting skills by using scissors to create snowflakes and hanging decorations. The children used the glue brushes and staplers to fix their decorations. There will be some wonderful surprises to come!

Preschool have done lots of careful balancing, building assault courses with the large wooden blocks. The children then explored different ways of travelling over it. They invented hopping, crawling, small jumps, pulling themselves on their tummies, turning and moving sideways.

The children were interested in our boards with letters on. They started looking for the sounds that their names started with. Preschool then looked for other sounds and the children coloured them in on their boards. This developed into a sound matching game with objects and letters. Maybe you might like to look for different letters in the environment that are in your child's name or you could get your child to listen to the sounds that different things start with.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Last week the children have been getting into the festive spirit by starting their Christmas crafts.