Merry Christmas from Munchkins!


This week Daisies have been getting into the Christmas spirit, finishing off their Christmas crafts, and sending these home to their Mummies and Daddies!

Daisies have also been listening to some Christmas music, dancing and clapping along to it! The children have also enjoyed song time a lot this week, with some of the older children being able to join in with the actions. It also sounded like one little boy was trying to sing his own songs!

The children also had a lovely visit from Father Christmas! Of course, the babies were a bit unsure about him, but were happy to get their presents as long as the adults were with them!

Daisies have also had fun with sand play this week, making lots of marks and digging around in it to find the hidden gems.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!!


Dragonflies have been in the very merry Christmas spirit this week!

Last week the children all enjoyed their Christmas dinner and of course pulling the crackers. Some of the children weren't so keen on the Brussels sprouts!

Dragonflies have also been finishing their Christmas craft where the children have shown how patiently they can wait! One little boy sat on the chair and watched his friends complete their decoration with a smile, until it was his turn.

Of course messy play is another favourite of Dragonflies. The children played with pasta, flour, rice and sand! The flour seemed to be the favourite this week. They all crowed around and had a feel. The children were very funny and started to throw it in the air to make each other laugh! Don't forget you can get any product out from home to use as messy play which will help their exploratory development!

Dragonflies have been out every day in the wet and sunny weather! They all have been splashing away whenever they see a puddle, big or small!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!


Incy Wincy Spiders have had a very nice week before Christmas!

The children had a great experience of meeting Father Christmas! They all sat down to quietly, waiting patiently to hear Santa read their names off of his good list. Incy Wincys were very brave going up to collect their presents on their own saying ‘thank you’ to Santa.

Continuing with the theme of Christmas, the children had lots of fun making some sensory baubles with a Christmas theme, filling them with a mixture of snowflakes, stars and glitter. Thy loved shaking them around to see what happens inside the bauble.

Incy Wincys have been learning about different directions that cars and trains can travel in. The children got very messy and made a ramp with lots of paint! They drove the cars and trains both up and down the ramp, making lots of noises such as “brrrrmmmm” and “chooo chooooo”! One little Incy Wincy was saying “read, steady, go!” before pushing her car down the ramp.

Have a lovely Christmas!


This week in Busy Bees has been full of festive spirit!

The week began with the making of Christmas craft and lots of conversations about what the children were going to ask Santa for.

And then to Busy Bees surprise Santa came to visit! The children were so excited to see Father Christmas and went running over to him to tell him that they had been very good boys and girls all year! Santa then gave each of the children their own special present.

As the week went on the children spent some time learning some new games Busy Bees have got and even did some baby yoga!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas has arrived at Munchkins! Ladybirds all loved wearing their Christmas Jumpers and having their Christmas dinner last Friday. The children pulled crackers with the grown-ups and they had a hat and some stickers inside!

On Tuesday Ladybirds had a very special visit from Father Christmas. He had jiggling bells and gave the children some presents. Some of the children weren't very sure of him, but some of them loved him giving him a cuddle and telling him what they would like for Christmas "I want pink slippers"! Ladybirds have been singing Christmas songs this week and one of the children taught us Jingle Bell Rock and that is now their favourite.

Ladybirds have been practising being independent this week and putting on their own coats. The children have been doing this by putting their coat on the floor and putting their arms in. This is something you can keep practising at home and soon the children will be able to put their coats on independently!

Ladybirds want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are all looking forward to another magical year in 2019.


Preschool have had a lovely final week!

Preschool have used up nearly all of their glitter sources and are going to be looking for eco-alternatives from now on if anyone has had any luck finding any! The adults have been observing the children for longer periods of time this week, so in the New Year all long observations will be uploaded and you can get a better insight to what your child does over a period of time in Preschool.

The children have been making crowns, playing in our newly put together a role play space and building all manner or creations out of the unit blocks. Preschool’s new role play space consists of a kitchen/ home area, a soon to be hair dressers, a building area and an area called ‘people who help us,’ which includes doctors, builders, teachers, police and fire, dressing up and resources. The children have been having a fab time exploring the new areas!

We wish you all a very happy Christmas!! See you in the New Year!

Munchkins would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have a great break and we will see you all in the New Year 🙂