Messy Munchkins!


Daisies have welcomed lots of new babies since the New Year, and it is lovely to see how well they have all settled in! There have been lots of smiles and giggles!

Last week Daisies have loved messy play as always! The children really liked playing with some cereal. They thought it was great, because not only could they make lots of mess with it, they could eat it too! There was also rice play too, which the babies loved putting into pots and shaking. This made a great noise.

Daisies have also been doing some mark making with the pens. The babies are getting very good at holding the pens, although some of them will still try and eat them!

The puzzles have been very popular too. The older babies spent some time putting the pieces into the correct spaces, while the younger ones had fun banging the pieces together. They kept everyone busy for some time.

At the end of the week Daisies went to have a little play in the sensory room. The younger babies loved looking at all the lights and made lots of noise with the instruments.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Dragonflies hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year! Dragonflies and babies had a wonderful Christmas Eve walk to town, where the children looked at all the lovely decorated Christmas trees! They also saw the bright lights and the big bear!

Dragonflies started the year off very messy and creative. The children have been having lots of fun using different objects to paint. Last week they used potatoes with different shapes cut into them and then Dragonflies also used the number shapes to created so many numbers!

The children have also been enjoying the transport vehicles: big cars, little cars, a bus and of course the tractors! One little boy was desperate to take the bus home with him as he played with it most of the afternoon.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Incy Wincy Spiders have been spending lots of time working and playing together last week. The children have been practising their sharing skills, of both the spaces in the room and toys too. One little Incy was reminding his friends to share by kindly saying "share" when he thought it was time for his turn. This shows how the children are beginning to able to solve different situations. You can support this at home by modelling and encouraging the children in sharing of objects and toys.

Incy Wincys have also been getting creative with the egg crayons and chalks. The shape of the egg mark making tools helps the children in developing their hand muscles so that when they are ready they will be able to hold mark making tools correctly. The children had the paper on the wall and stood up with mark making which encouraged them to stretch and bend to create their master pieces. This support the children not only in developing their fine motor muscles with the crayons, but also further developing their gross motor muscles and abilities too.

The children have also been growing in their independence, especially when getting their own drinks. They now all look at the photos on the cups, getting a drink by themselves rather than getting an adult to support them. Incy Wincys were very helpful an even started to pass their friends their cups to have a drink too!

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend.


Busy Bees had a lovely week last week. The children have enjoyed learning and reading.

The children learnt how to make play dough by measuring each ingredient into the bowl and mixing them all together, watching how they came together to create the playdough! They measured the ingredients with cups and spoons making sure the amount correctly matched to the recipe.

Busy Bees also had fun reading lots of stories and talking about what they could see in the pictures. The children spent time looking and 'reading' stories together even without an adult!

Later in the week, Busy Bees spent time in small groups playing 'super sorting pie'. The children all had a go at taking turns and share the equipment with their friends. Outside, Busy Bees loved the water play with bubbles! The children loved pouring the water from one place to another, watching how it runs down the hill and even bathed the babies o make sure they were clean too.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Ladybirds all hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year.

The children have all loved being back at nursery and things got even more exciting when Ladybirds had Monkey Music. The children loved exploring the musical instruments to see what noises they made and loved doing all the actions too.

Ladybirds have been working on their maths skills too, sorting the bird counters into groups and counting how many they had. This is something you can do at home while having dinner – the children can count how many peas are on their plates!

The children loved bubbles last week and have used every opportunity to have them out! In the garden they asked a grown up for some bubbles. Ladybirds then got some babies and a sponge and washed the babies to make sure they were all clean again!

Hope you had a fab weekend.


Preschool have had a great first full week back. The children have been excited to tell the adults about their weeks off and trips they have taken with their families.

Preschool have had an exciting new resource in use last week - a wood working bench outside the back door of Preschool. We have introduced some small scale wood working with the children where they can explore hammering, sawing and drilling (with a hand drill!) into pieces of wood which may then develop on to creating something of their own. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about keeping themselves and their peers safe. Before starting the activity, Preschool ensure children understand the importance of wearing goggles and gloves and the adults talk to them about using the tools with care. It has been a great success with lots of interest from most children. This incorporates areas of the curriculum which include Physical development - "Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely," and "shows the needs for safety in tackling new challenges, and considers and manages some risk."

Preschool have been having an interesting time in the sand area which has had a revamp since Christmas so has much more sand in it to explore! The children have a habit of burying their shoes however which is always entertaining when trying to get them all outside for a run around! They have been cooking, digging, using animals and natural materials in the sand area, the possibilities really are endless!

A great interest in being outside this week- lots of ice hunts most mornings and exploring change of state with water to ice. A really lovely first week back!

Last week the children enjoyed messy and sensory play, as well as getting creative with both fine and gross motor movements.