Snow day!


Last week in Daisies the children have loved doing some dancing. As well as clapping along to us singing some nursery rhymes, the babies have loved our musical piano. They will stand at it together, pressing all the buttons and bopping up and down. One little girl has a great twirly hand dance that she has loved showing us!

Daisies have also been embracing the snowy weather by having some flour play. They put the dinosaurs in the flour and sprinkled it everywhere! By having the dinosaurs, this also encouraged the babies to practice their animal sounds. One girl has been showing us how clever she is, by making the sounds of a sheep, cow, horse and dog!

The shredded paper has been fun too, with one baby putting it all over herself! We could see a cheeky smile underneath it all! The children also found it funny when the paper was thrown up in the air.

Some of the older babies enjoyed going outside with our Dragonfly friends, doing some splashing in the big puddles.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have loved the wet and cold weather! The children were all geared up in the wet suits and coats, where they ran around and around. They also found some ice outside which the children were obsessed with. Some children were even saying "cold" when they touched it! In the middle of the week, Dragonflies went out in the sleety rain and the children were fascinated. They loved watching it fall and tried grabbing it in their fingers.

The children have also been learning about animals. Their favourite were the farm animals! They learnt different sounds such as "baabaa" "neigh" and "moo".

The Dragonflies have also been getting so good at getting their own tissues and even placing them in the bins! Some children have even been confident enough to try and wipe it themselves, which became very messy but is great for them developing in their independence and health and self-care.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


We had a great week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

Incy Wincys started off the week playing with their friends in Dragonflies. The children had lots of fun playing in their garden. They have been kicking balls and using the ride on and push along toys.

The children have been very creative in the middle of the week with paint and shaving foam. They enjoyed pressing down on the shaving foam under the cling film, and some of the older children enjoyed colour matching the right coloured paint with the correct coloured counter! Incy Wincys also made playdough, which the children really liked using the cutters, tools and even their hands to make marks in the playdough.

Towards the end of the week Incy Wincys have been working on their ball skills. The children love rolling and throwing a ball back and forth with one of their carer’s. There was some lovely big smiles. Incy Wincy also had a teddy bears picnic at tea time where all the children choose a toy to have with at tea time. It was lots of fun!

Incy Wincys finished off the week by bringing in some snow from outside. The children liked moving the artic animals through the snow, it made a lovely crunchy sound as they did.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Last week was a busy week in Busy Bees!

The children have learnt about how to balance on the wooden blocks, learning to put arms out when balancing. They also learnt how to jump with two feet together, which was lots of fun. Maybe you can practice balancing and jumping at home.

Painting was so much fun. Busy Bees learnt about paint splatters and how to do them with paint brushes. It was so much fun. One of the children said that they want to do it again next week!

Busy Bees have spent some time using and practising their pincer grip when playing with the pegs. The children counted how many pegs they had managed to get onto the board. Maybe you could do some counting at home.

On Friday the children had lots of fun in the garden exploring the snow! They jumped in it, drew funny faces in it, and even had a go at throwing snow balls around the garden! Busy Bees talked about the snow and what they can do in and with the snow.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Ladybirds have had another fun filled week!

Of course, the children have loved the snow. There have been lots of snowballs flying around and lots of chat about the snow. They decided they would make their own snowflakes talking about how water becomes ice when it freezes and how ice feels. One of the children told me they helped mummy brush snow off the car with her gloves and got snow in the hallway!

Ladybirds have also had lots of chat about the dark and then the children decided to make their very own dark den with the torches! They loved hiding from their peers and shouting boo!

The children have been working on their fine motor skills again, doing lots of threading and using the tongs to sort the objects into piles of the same colours.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Preschool have had a great week.

Preschool have welcomed children from other rooms and all of the existing children have worked very hard showing them how we behave in Preschool and what we do. The children have been doing lots of helping their new friends and showing them how to share.

The children have been busy playing lots of table top games. These have included Ladybirds and 10 Green Bottles. Whilst playing these the children have had to count, recognise numerals, as well as taking turns and sharing. These form part of mathematics and personal, social and emotional development on the Early Years Curriculum. They also enjoyed playing with the spelling game. They had to look for letters and build the words.

The children were pretending to look for treasure in the sand pit. They then got some beads out and the children worked very hard to practice their fine motor skills by threading tiny beads onto elastic to make treasure bracelets and necklaces.

Whilst reading ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it’, the children started to join in with all the actions. They then decided that they wanted to play sleeping bunnies. They were really good at choosing animals and moving like them. They even took turns to wake each other up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Last week the children had great fun exploring the snow! Munchkins also enjoyed lots of different types of messy and sensory play.