Sunshine at Munchkins


In Daisies, the children have spent lots of time in the garden last week enjoying the lovely weather! The babies had so much fun exploring all the different toys. They also liked watching the planes flying over, as well as pointing at the birds that were landing on all the houses.

Daisies also made some playdough, which the babies liked touching and pulling apart. They liked prodding it and of course they tried to eat it!

Daisies also borrowed the soft play equipment from Dragonflies, which the babies had fun sitting on, bouncing on and some of them even had a go at doing some climbing.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week Dragonflies loved the sunny garden. It has been so warm, they loved going out with no coats on! The children have been practising their balancing on the stepping stones. At first they need support from the adults but with lots of positive praise and encouragement the children were then able to walk along on their own!

Dragonflies have also been busy emptying and filling with their small coloured animals. The children have been filling up boxes and bags with them. This also helps with their tidying up skills which is always handy!

Dragonflies have loved drawing on a big piece of long paper which was given to us. The concentration and the way they lied down to draw and mark make was so lovely to see!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Another great week in Incy Wincy Spiders! Last week, the children have been enjoying the outside with the lovely sunshine.

The children have loved the sand pit and they have been practising their scooping and pouring. The children would love doing this at home. If you don't have any sand, you could try this at home using pots and dry pasta.

Incy Wincys have also been exploring the dinosaurs by making a swamp in the garden. They loved moving the dinosaurs through the water and the children even did some splashing too!

The children have really enjoyed making marks with the big chalk on the chalk board. They made big arm movements, some of the children also started to make circular shapes and lines.

Incy Wincys ended the week with a trip to the museum. The children loved looking at the animals, one of the children went up to the tiger and said "it’s big"!

Hope you had a great weekend.


What an amazing week Busy Bees have!

Busy bees have really enjoyed lots of garden time this week as the weather had been so amazing! In the garden the children got to explore jumping from different heights. Some of the children were super brave but still needed to hold hands just to be extra safe. This is great because it does an early understanding of danger and the confidence to ask adults for help.

Last week Busy Bees also practised lots of cutting using scissors. This encouraged some great fine motor skills. We strongly suggest practising cutting at home with your child, it a helps not only with hand eye coordination but with strengthening hand muscles and fine motor skills.

Busy bees also had an exciting time exploring our new water wall! Water walls are an amazing way to explore the effects of gravity among many other things.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week Ladybirds have been practising their physical development.

The children have been practising their cutting skills, making snips in the paper. Ladybirds had a giant marble run. The children loved rolling the marbles down it and running to the other end to see where it had gone.

Some of Ladybirds went to the museum on Friday and loved looking at all of the wonders and pointing them out to the grown-ups. That afternoon a different group of us went to the park. We were very well behaved and followed boundaries well, we loved the swings and climbing on things.

Throughout the week add week in Ladybirds the children have been looking at the mixing of colours. What colours can we create from others? This gives the children a good basic understanding of prime colours. You can follow up with this at home by doing painting and using only the basic prime colours.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Preschool have had a great week.

The children have recently been very into guns and superhero play which can create a huge amount of learning and opportunities for us to teach the children through this play. Preschool started the week talking about what the children through guns were for. There were lots of answers which mostly included "to shoot baddies." This gave us an opportunity to discuss with the children what they thought 'baddies' were which helps to support the children's critical thinking. The children decided that things like monsters, which upset us were real baddies and that it would be okay to shoot those, rather than shooting at each other. Preschool made 'monster,' pictures and then had a game of hunt the monster around the rooms and outside in the garden. The adults snuck in a few images of people to see if the children recognised what was okay to shoot, and what wasn't. They all noticed the 'people' images and chose not to shoot at them as they had understood shooting each other wasn't a kind thing to do. This helped to support the children physical development, lots of running around and being physical in the space, it also helped to support their Personal Social and Emotional development as we discussed our thoughts and feeling about why people were baddies and made them consider what a 'baddie' is to them.

As the weather has been so lovely Preschool have also spent a huge amount of times in the garden and started to reintroduce water as part of their daily play. They've made water ways and the children were very excited by the new sand we have got. Some of the children helped Robbie to fill up buckets and transport new sand into our sand pits. They had a great time creating recipes and transporting the sand between the two pits.

A really lovely week with lots of mark making, painting and creating, building a bit of woodwork and reading in the garden!

Last week the children have enjoyed getting outside in the sunshine, going out on trips and exploring the outside environment.