Messy Munchkins!


Last week in Daisies, the children have been having lots of fun with their friends in Dragonflies! Daisies spent an afternoon with them at the start of the week, and the babies really enjoyed playing with their interactive wall. They spent lots of time turning the cogs and playing the xylophone.

Daisies also managed to get some of the older babies outside to have a play in the garden. They had fun on the bikes and practised their kicking skills with the balls. The babies also spent some time watching the birds flying around and had a play with the toy kitchen, turning the dials.

The babies have also been showing off their new skills, with some of them being able to clap their hands, pull themselves up, and even make some animal sounds! One little girl found Kirsty's pig noise very funny.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Dragonflies had a wonderful week last week!

To begin with, the children enjoyed practising their tripod grips by doing some fun drawings with their pens and pencils. The children really enjoyed working on their fine motor skills, copying our mark making and getting creative!

The children have also enjoyed getting very messy and doing a big group painting! During this activity the adults encouraged the children to get their hands involved in the mark making, while also using rollers and sponges. Later on in the week Dragonflies loved painting with cars! They loved using their favourite toys to be creative, and make marks.

The children have really been enjoying the garden last week, and have been doing lots of climbing, taking risks and enjoying the fresh air!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


A great week here in Incy Wincy Spiders.

The children enjoyed their red nose day party. Incy Wincys got the lights out from the sensory room and all the children loved watching the colours on the wall, while listening to the music with some very cool dance moves.

On Monday Incy Wincys popped down to the park for their tea. It was great to get out in the fresh air! As the children were eating tea a friendly robin came and sat with us. All the children where pointing at the robin. One of the children called it a chick!

The children have been busy practising their ball skills, inside and outside, kicking, throwing and rolling. All the children have had a turn during the week. There have been a couple of children who are really good at it - one had an excellent kick and one has an amazing throw. You can practice your ball skills at home with your child, whatever the weather.

Incy Wincys have also been doing lots of reading and the children have had a chance to choose the books themselves. Lots of the Incy Wincys all sat round in the day all listening to a story. It has been so lovely to see everyone enjoying books so much.

Incy Wincys ended the week with some sticking and gluing. Some of the children were a little unsure what to do with the glue but they soon got into it. They used lots of different textured objects like ribbon and feathers. It was lots of messy fun.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Last week in Busy Bees, the children have explored a wide variety of textures and the effect of physical activity on the body.

The children got to use the new stethoscope to listen to their heart beats. They did action songs, leap, yoga and had races around the garden. The children raced around to see how far they could make their hearts beat faster. They paused between laps to place their hands on their chest and feel how fast their hearts were beating. Paul and Serena explained to the children why physical activity, plenty of water and fruit and vegetables are important to the body. They also explained why their hearts were beating faster after running.

This was an amazing learning experience for the children to not only explore physical and the body but it also encouraged the children to engage with each other and learn to navigate and run safely. You can carry this on at home by taking trips to the park, encouraging them to run or even doing baby yoga with them as well.

The children also explored textures with gloop, water beads and painting. During painting the children looked at different prints as well by using a variety of apparatus. You can do this at home by looking around your house, what do you have at home that you could paint with? Think outside the box - go wild!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Ladybirds started off last week by exploring different textures. The children loved play with some flour and discussed about how it felt. They then added some water and spoke about how it felt once the water was added and the texture was changed - "it sticky now".

Ladybirds have also enjoyed exploring the light box. The children put some coloured counters onto the light box and then they used them to explore how colours can be changed. One child spotted that when they put the blue on top of the yellow it made green!

Towards the end of the week, Ladybirds experimented with different ways of moving their bodies. The children moved like bunnies, snakes and even tigers! Ladybirds continued this exploratory play by going outside and doing lots of running! The children felt their hearts to see if they were fast or slow and talked about how movements affected their bodies.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


We've had a busy week in Preschool with lots of different interests.

Some of the children found a real interest in our junk modelling. They have made rockets, castles, cars and even a volcano! The adults try to encourage as much of the children's imagination as possible when creating here, as their vision of a rocket may be completely different to that of an adult. We are available to support the children if they need but try to stand back as much as possible to ensure they are creating their own masterpiece, rather than what we as adults presume they are trying to make.

Preschool have been doing lots more small group work, extending the children's Phonics knowledge for those who are ready and interested in their letters.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Last week the children have once again been getting very messy and creative. They have also been looking at the effects exercise can have on our bodies!