Spring Sunshine!


Last week in Daisies, the children spent so much time in the garden enjoying the lovely sunshine! The babies enjoyed rolling the balls around, practising their walking with the walkers; whizzing down the slide and also trying to climb up the slide. Daisies also enjoyed watching the birds that were flying around, as well as walking around in the front garden.

The babies have also been creative, making some sequin collages, which they were very good at. They used a pincer grip to pick the sequins up and understood that they needed to put them onto the card. Daisies have also been doing some lovely hand print painting, especially for our Mummies!

The babies enjoyed messy play as always, especially the shredded paper! They were burying their legs in it, ripping it apart and clapping as we threw it up in the air!

As well as having lots of fun, the babies also enjoyed some quiet time, looking at some books and building small towers with the wooden blocks.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Dragonflies have had a lovely week in the sunshine!

The children have spent lots of time in the garden last week, the children have really enjoyed perfecting their running, jumping and climbing!

At the beginning of the week the children enjoyed getting involved with making some slime! They loved helping to pour the ingredients into the bowl, and showed great control with their pouring movements! It's a very easy recipe; half a cup of baby shampoo, two cups of Cornflour and a splash of water – something you could easily make at home! They also loved helping to mix it all together with their hands, and then making sure they all got as messy as possible.

At the end of the week Dragonflies were lucky enough to go on a trip to Bull Meadow park. The children had some lovely spring weather, and they exclaimed "wow!" when they saw a police car, a digger and lots of dogs on their walk! Their favourite thing at the park was the swings, and they all did very well to share and take turns.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Another great week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

On Monday all the children loved playing with the kitchen, there where all starting to take turns and sharing out the food. The adults were encouraging the children’s ‘pleases’ and ‘thank you’s’.

As the weather has been so lovely, Incy Wincys have spent most of the week in the garden. The children explored glitter in water, watching the colours and touching it with their hands to feel the texture. Some of the children put different objects into water to see what happened.

The children have had lots of fun in the sand pit. They did some digging with the spades and some of the children did very well with filling up the buckets with sand. Then an adult turned them over and all the children watched as Incy Winys made sand castles!

As the nice weather continued, Incy Wincys have been enjoying their tea in the garden with their friends. Incy Wincy found a shaded spot and all the children sat really nicely on the picnic rug together.

Throughout the week Incy Wincy were busy making Mother’s Day cards. All the children did really well with the sticking and gluing, and one of the children said "I made a sheep". Incy Wincy Spiders would like to wish all the Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day for last Sunday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Last week in Busy Bees & Ladybirds the weather has been so wonderful the children have managed to spend most of the days in the garden. Of course this meant lots of creative water play in the garden and lots of wet children!

The children had some fun exploring ways to move with running in the garden, music and movement and body painting. We also enjoyed doing bubble wrap painting, by applying paint to bubble wrap and pressing it onto the paper to see the pattern it made.

Busy Bees and Ladybirds started the week by doing physical activity, looking at how their heart rates increase when running and doing other activities. The children loved doing baby yoga again. We have posted pictures of the poses on a group observation for you to try out at home too.

The children helped Kate to make musical instruments out of cardboard tubes, tape and they could fill them with rice or oats. They really enjoyed shaking these and dancing around. This led onto the children enjoying monkey music.

Busy Bees & Ladybirds both worked on counting with the peg boards and looking at how quantities change when more pegs are added and when pegs are taken away. You too can try this at home with any object.

The children have also been working on their fine motor skills by the adults helping them to hold and use scissors correctly. The children were very excited to cut out their own little shapes to stick onto their card. They also got to add different coloured glitter and feathers too.

By the end of the week the children have been doing some Mother’s Day craft as well as building dens and talking about night animals.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Another busy week in Preschool!

The children have been doing lots of small group work to ensure all the children are being targeted at their level. Preschool have been focusing on working together to complete challenges such as doing huge floor puzzles or using all of the duplo blocks to make something together!

Some of Preschool have been looking at their letters and practising their letter formation and hand grip. Lots of the children are still using their fist grip to hold a mark making utensil so Preschool have been doing lots of activities to strengthen their hand and thumb muscles, which will lead to proper pincer pen grip.

A fabulous week for weather too so Preschool have been making endless ramps in the garden for water and playing with our newly filled sand pits!

Hope you have a lovely week.

Last week the children have