Creative minds, messy hands


Last week in Daisies, the children have been getting creative with some finger painting! All the babies were really good at using their fingers to make marks in the paint. They didn't mind getting their hands all messy. As well as making some paintings for our display, Daisies also stared making some Easter crafts!

The babies enjoyed the bubbles this week too. They got so excited, doing lots of pointing as the bubbles floated up in the air. They were also very good at popping the bubbles!

Daisies have also been very good at building towers with the wooden blocks, as well as using their communication skills to say 'hiya' and 'bye bye'!

Of course the children have spent lots of time outside too! They have been walking with the walkers, finding water to splash in and watching the birds and planes.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies the children have been so busy, getting messy as always!

The children have started their Easter craft which of course they were all so excited about doing! They all showed very good control when holding an object and then painting it with the other hand, so expect their hands to be a little messy with paint.

Dragonflies have also been very busy with the soft play. The children have been showing amazing control when balancing and jumping to and from!

Dragonflies have also been eating so many different fruits. There was kiwi, melon and blueberries, and they were all so brave and tried each one!

Shaving foam has also been another favourite messy play product, but this time Dragonflies added yellow food colouring into it which the children loved. Shaving foam was flying everywhere and it was even head to toe on us adults!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders had a lovely week, with lots of outside play and exploring different textures.

In the garden, Incy Wincys were exploring in the sand using their hands, spades and rakes. The children were filling and emptying the buckets with sand, which was a lot of fun. This gave the children some experimenting with the different tools in the sand pit.

Last week, Incys enjoyed exploring the ice play they made. The children liked feeling the ice, one of the children said "cold" when they touched it. This was a fun activity and will definitely be doing this as the weather gets warmer.

Incy Wincys had lots of fun with their new Happyland toys. One child really liked playing with the rocket as it counted down then said ‘lift off’ he lifted it into the air.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Bees and Ladybirds, the children have been getting creative with some Easter crafts. They have been creating their own chicks using paint and sticking on feathers.

The children have had great fun practising and developing their balancing skills. Busy Bees and Ladybirds have been using different surfaces and materials to create the beams. They also varied their beams in height to practise their balancing up high too, taking some risks! This is something you can continue at home, giving your child the opportunity to further develop their spatial awareness and motor skills.

Busy Bees and Ladybirds have also really enjoyed getting messy and exploring different textures. The children started off with some rice and the shaving foam, comparing them and talking about which was hard and which was soft. They then decided to add some paint to the shaving foam, looking at the different marks they could make both with the brushes and their hands. Busy Bees and Ladybirds also had fun making their own playdough. The children enjoyed adding all the ingredients into the bowl, mixing them together and observing how the ingredients all combined to make the playdough! They then chose to use the cutters to put some of their favourite shapes out of the playdough.

Hope you have a great week.


A lovely few weeks in Preschool!

Preschool are doing lots of small group work differentiate between the children needs and abilities which has been lovely for the staff to spend more time with each of them. Last week Preschool have been looking at the natural world and life cycles. The children begun by looking at the life cycle of plants (beans and seeds) and planted some of their own sunflower seeds to observe how fast they grow (fingers crossed!). Preschool used cut outs to talk about the different stages of plant growth and then stuck them on paper in order, practising their careful cutting as well as learning about seeds and the way they grow.

Preschool have had the large unit blocks inside, exploring how to be safe when climbing and jumping off them. The children made endless obstacle courses and experimented with different ways of moving such as walking backwards, crawling, jumping and thinking about how to keep themselves and their peer’s safe when playing with blocks.

On one of the rainy afternoons the children made some biscuits. The adults try to encourage the children to do as much of the cooking as they can so they measured, got the ingredients and stirred them mixture, then put on trays to cook, delicious!

Hope you had a great weekend!