Outdoor explorers!


Last week in Daisies, the children have been very busy getting messy!

Daisies started their messy play with the sand and oats, exploring the different textures with their hands. Some children even did some further exploring with their mouths. Daisies have also been shaking and waving around the sensory bottles, exploring the different sounds each one makes.

The children have been learning how to build towers, stacking things on top of one another. Daisies had great fun practising this but some children had even more fun knocking their tower down again!

Daisies have also been enjoying lots of song and rhyme time this week. The children love the singing and some of the older ones are even beginning to join in with some of the actions!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Outside time has been Dragonflies favourite, and they have visited so many different places.

The children ended last week visiting the local park where some of them had definitely been there before. The children who had been there were half way up the climbing frame and weren't afraid!! The Dragonflies walked so nicely around holding hands and let each other go first, taking turns wonderfully.

Dragonflies then visited the big garden where the children really enjoyed the sand kitchen. The children then had a lesson on how to climb up to the slide by using the climbing wall, which was a little too difficult for the Dragonflies so instead there was lots of "Claire, help!!"

The Dragonflies have also been busy encouraging each other. One little girl and boy pretended to sit with their friends and put them to sleep, lots of shhing going on!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week has been a busy week in Incy Wincy Spiders, with lots of garden play.

Incy Wincys have really enjoyed garden play, even though it has been raining lots. They have explored splashing in water, painting and sand play. One child had so much splashing in the water his trousers were soaked - he looked at them and said 'oh no, wet'! Incys have also enjoyed digging in the sand pit, using the spades and diggers to dig in the sand.

Incys have also been learning about and exploring making and playing with playdough. The children helped to put the ingredients into the bowl and mixed them together. Once the playdough was made, Incys enjoyed rolling the playdough out and using the cutters to make shapes and marks. Maybe you could try this at home - we have the recipe if you need it!

The children have had lots of fun looking at and having stories read to them. They really enjoyed looking at what is on the page, saying the name of animals and what they say.

Incy Wincys enjoyed looking out the window watching the rain pouring down. One of the children said 'wellies' and 'coat'. The children and adults talked about needing coats and wellies to go out into the rain.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Last week in Busy Bees and Ladybirds has been so much fun! The week was a bit wet at times which allowed the children to do some wet weather learning.

One of our goals is to encourage a joy of nature in children. Most children are drawn to puddles and when they are allowed to play in the rain they may form a deeper connection with nature.

We work to build good motor skills in children including balance. The experience of playing outdoors in the rain helps children learn to test slippery paths before stepping on them, avoid deep puddles and take advantage of more shallow puddles. Not only that but playing in the rain gives children the chance to explore using their senses. However, in the more drying weather Busy Bees and Ladybirds have had wonderful time bonding with some new staff when reading stories with Cameron.

The children also learned to move in a variety of ways this week. They did races around the garden, baby yoga and learning to jump and balance. By moving in different ways we help the children also learn to explore the space around them and learn to navigate obstacles with more ease. You can encourage this at home as well through garden play, encouraging the children to run around the park and making them aware of danger and obstacles around them.

Finally Busy Bees and Ladybirds have been very creative this week. The children have been doing lots of painting with different apparatus including themselves! This gave the children the chance to explore how colours could be changes as well as textures through their fingertips.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Preschool have had a great week!

The children have continued to learn about life cycles. They have been observing their sunflowers and cress, watching them grow from a seed upwards. Some of the plants have grown so big!

Last week, Preschool have been turning the whole messy room into a giant sandpit! This has brought on a lot of construction play. The children have been building houses, towers and walls with the bricks.

The children have had lots of fun making and playing with the playdough. The children have had the playdough in their role play kitchen and have been having lots of tea parties. They have been cooking up a storm making lots of yummy cakes for their friends and the grown-ups!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!