Summertime fun


Last week Daisies have had lots of fun doing different creative activities such as, rice, flour and pasta, oats and also drawing!

The children have also done some different types of painting - painting with a brush and also bubble wrap painting! The children have loved exploring different textures through these different ways of painting and mark making.

Daisies have also spent some time doing the puzzles and the activities tables. The children have loved trying to fit the correct pieces into the right place.

In the garden digging in the sand and splashing in the water has been a favourite! Daisies have also really enjoyed sitting on the seesaw and rocking back and forth to ‘Row, Row your Boat’. This has been supporting them in developing their core muscles.

The children finished off the week with a quiet Friday. With only a few babies, they enjoyed making lots of noise with the musical instruments, shaking and banging them!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies it was very quiet as some of our friends have been on holiday, but this means plenty of visits and trips!

At the beginning of the week the children had lots of time outside with the sand tray, bikes and the balls! The children practised their scooping and pouring skills but also their playing skills. Dragonflies have been learning playing alongside each other and starting to build bonds with one another.

Dragonflies also enjoyed story and song time. The children have recently been learning to sit down in the book corner during this time. They have even started listening which means they are picking up actions, for example one little girl has now learnt when we sing "thank you said the master" she signs thank you!

Dragonflies were even lucky enough to visit the library which the children absolutely loved. As soon as they got out of the buggy, they all ran in different directions - so the adults had a workout too!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Another fun packed week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

The children started off the week with some sticking and gluing. Some of the children did well at using the glue spreaders to move the glue around their paper. One child had very good hand-eye coordination and picked up each little piece of paper to stick on their picture.

The children have really loved the puzzles too. They did very well at matching up the pictures on the board too. Some of the children were even working together to fit the pieces into the correct hole.

Incy Wincys spent lots of time in the garden last week too. The children have really liked the sand in the sand pit, and we have been focusing on scooping the sand using spoons.

Incy Wincys ended the week in the sensory room. All the children loved exploring the different textures and watching the coloured lights in the room. They also loved having the sensory mirrors out and liked looking at their reflection.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Birds, we have been really busy not only enjoying different creative experiences but also working on building new friendships. Friendships, the bonds that children develop with important peers in their lives, bring pleasure, comfort, and almost always important opportunities to learn and develop in a social world.

In Busy Birds last week, the children really involved in an obstacle course. Obstacle courses are great at developing muscular strength and endurance, building and encouraging their self-esteem and confidence, increasing stability, building strong muscles, heart and bones, as well as aiding in the development of their skills such as walking, running, hopping and climbing. You can encourage this at home too by setting up obstacle courses, going to the park and even playing games such as the floor is lava!

Busy Birds also enjoyed doing some free drawing with Paul. During this activity the children not only looked at the marks they could make, but also worked on their pincer grip. The pincer grasp is the coordination of the index finger and thumb to hold an item. This can be developed through fine motor activities such as drawing or games involving tweezers.

Along with all that last week the children had so much fun doing different kinds of painting and looking at different textures.

What a lovely week Busy Birds have had. This next week Busy Birds are looking heavily as shapes, working on understanding boundaries and turn taking and what our Mummies and Daddies do for work!


Last week Preschool have been focusing on their physical development. They started off on developing their gross motor skills. The children did this by building lots of obstacle courses, practising their balancing walking along and jumping off the end. They have been learning to jump and land with bent knees as well as beginning to assess any risks by themselves. For example, looking at the bricks and where they are placed to try and make them as stable as possible.

Preschool have also been focusing on their fine motor skills too. The children have been using tweezers to play with the sorting pie. This helps with their hand eye co-ordination as well as building up the fine motor muscles in their hands and arms. Preschool have also been drawing lots of pictures and writing different letters. The adults have been encouraging and supporting Preschool in using the tripod grip when holding the pencils and pens.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!