Summer Sunshine


Last week in Daisies, the children have had lots of fun combining different objects and putting them into containers. The children have loved helping to tidy up lots of different things such pasta and also all the different toys.

Daisies also had lots of fun with the shredded paper. Everyone was covered and the paper went all over the place! The children loved pulling it apart and feeling the different texture.

The children have also been out in the garden in the afternoons, enjoying the sunshine before their Mummy and Daddy's come to get them.

Building towers was also a big hit last week. A lot of the babies are beginning to balance blocks on top of each other but also like to knock them down!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week Dragonflies had some friendly visitors in the garden. About 6 seagulls joined us in the garden and seemed to want our tea!

The garden is where the children love to be most. They have enjoyed using the big wooden blocks to build some big towers and of course knocking them over! Dragonflies then got some shaving foam out which the children couldn't control themselves and had to climb in and get super messy!

Dragonflies have also been practising their speech with single words but also 2 words! ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are some words which the children have been using every meal time but also "please Claire" to get them using more 2 words.

At the end of the week there was 2 birthdays in Dragonflies so the children had a little dance party!

Hope everyone a lovely weekend.


Another fun week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

The children have had lots of fun with the bubbles in the garden. They liked scooping them up and holding them. Some of the children where clapping them to make they fly into the air, others were trying to blow them.

Incy Wincys had so much fun with the water beads. One little girl had so much fun climbing into the whole tub of beads and sat down in it. These are a great texture for the children and they are very bouncy. The water beads went everywhere!

The children had lots of fun with the balls and tunnels. They have been saying ready, steady go and rolling the balls along the floor and through the tunnels. The children found this was great fun. One little boy was great at crawling into the tunnel to get the ball.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Last week, Busy Birds thought we would write this as a homage to 'Hotel Babylon' if you have not read it - It's a really easy fun read. Snapshot - It's a day in the life of...

0600: Stomp stomp stomp… Smack on the head from my son 'Do you know what Daddy, my sunshine turned up this morning!' Daughter screams 'Daaaaaa-Daaaaa!' yep she's up too.

07:45 - 09:00: Messages from parents - 'Don't worry he's had a slight temp, been up since 5am given Calpol at 6am, give us a ring if needed. Woke up at 4am due to new baby crying so might be a little irritable! Just started potty training so if you could take her/remind her every 45 minutes that would be great. Mum is working away so we had a boy's night last night so may need a longer nap. Trying to stop the sleep in the afternoon now - so please stop. Still waiting for the allergy responses - so still keep the special diet but baked beans are now ok but still not sure about ice-cream. Oh sorry I forgot to bring Suncream/nappies I'll drop them in later!

09:00 - 11:00: Staff conversation - The activities were awesome, they loved it, shame he was asleep in the corner. Let's do messy shaving foam play now leading on from that - wait, there's a poo smell, in fact there are 4 poo smells! How do children time their poo at the same time? Even after being changed!?! Take Temp! Child ok - good, again after nap time.

11:00 - 12:00: The build up to lunch - Tiredness and hunger sets in, 'Is he asleep?' as a child curls up in the book corner and falls asleep - keep lunch aside for when they wake up - ask Damian for temp probe (remember to return it to main kitchen - chefs get annoyed!). Oh my god how did they get so wet? Deciding to try swimming in an inch of water was the answer -ok let’s get these guys changed before lunch.

12:00 - 12:30: Lunch - Yes you do have to wash your hands - licking is not a substitute. No you cannot throw food. Yes you can put your face in your food if you want to, but I wouldn't recommend it. Special requirement foods are here. Do not sit that child next to that one because it will become a competition of who can fit more pasta in between their toes or who can scream the loudest!

12:30-13:45: Peace - No - they are not allowed to sleep, they have 35 minutes, one hour for them. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort, cuddle cuddle cuddle.

13:45 - End of day: He what? He pooed in the sandpit! She did what?! Weed down the slide! How High? His temp is 39!

Ok, this is exaggerated - but alongside all of this your children are learning and having FUN! I would like to invite you to a coffee morning on the 27th July to find out what we do and why, whether you're an existing parent or new to Busy Birds.

18:30 - 19:59: Put my kids to bed, eat, converse with wife.

20:00: Go to bed

Paul and the Busy Birds Team


Last week Preschool were very lucky to have some new non-fiction books arrive! There was a selection of topics, covering lots of things such as animals, space, plants, the night time and even dinosaurs! The children have been enjoying lots of small group discussions whilst looking at the books and learning lots of new facts! Preschools favourite fact that they learned was that Hippo’s sleep underwater and float to the surface when they need to take a breath, without waking up!!

Preschool have also been doing lots of team work building some very impressive train tracks, using tunnels and bridges. The children constructed these themselves, adding the tunnels in and building the bridges when required some very careful balancing!

Just a little reminder that Preschool have their school leavers Graduation this Friday (26th July) from 3.30! All leaver’s parents are very welcome!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!