Messy hands, creative minds!


Last week in Daisies, the children have been creating some lovely artwork! They loved doing some finger painting, some more eager than others, as always! But the babies made some lovely pictures that we sent home. We hope these have all taken pride of place on your fridges at home!

Daisies have also been doing some ball painting too, where the babies were encouraged to roll the ball along the paper to make marks in the paint. This was very successful, and everyone was covered in paint at the end of it!

Daisies borrowed the soft play equipment from our friends in Dragonflies, which was a big hit! The older babies had fun trying to climb on it, while the younger ones liked bouncing on it with our help.

Of course, the babies have been enjoying the garden, whizzing down the slide, looking out for aeroplanes and practising their walking.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been focusing on their role play.

The children loved dressing and undressing the dollies with different items of clothing. One little boy wrapped the dolly up in a blanket and laid it down in the corner. The children have also been feeding the dollies using a bowl and spoon, and also using the bottles.

Water is of course Dragonflies favourite!! The children have been swimming in the turf tray, and all playing together. One little boy was very sweet and would encourage all his friends to climb in and out.

The children have also been very obsessed with the Gruffalo, reading all his books and looking at him in the garden!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders had a great week!

The children started the week with some climbing. Some of the children did really well at moving their feet up the climbing holds to get to the top of the slide. Even some of the younger children did really well too!

In the middle of the week, Incy Wincys had lots of fun with the shredded foil. All the children loved the colours. Some of the children knew some of the colours and Incy Wincys sang the rainbow song while they played.

The children ended the week with some rice play. All the children loved feeling the texture of the rice and they moved it around the tray, making marks as they did this.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Last week I witnessed some magical play with playdough - 3 children were rolling out the playdough into what looked like snakes. Another child poured sand onto the table and they began to pull the 'snakes' through the sand. The children were chatting away with each other and it made me think of something I read a long time ago...

"This from the child - 'Oh here he is, the teacher coming over - same ole thing! And before you ask, yes it is a snake, yes mine is green and his is red, yes mine is longer, yes there are two... Now please go away because we are treasure hunting snakes on an adventure."

This is the beauty of children - what is more important at this age? Counting? Colours? Or the fact that the children are playing together and listening to each other’s ideas to act out a narrative. It is my job to listen to the children and extend their play - knowing when to step in or in this case, just to watch is crucial. So, in my mind I am thinking -let's steer this into the big sandpit outside where we could build a 'treasure island' where I have buried things for them to find. This could involve further storytelling, turn taking whilst digging, being active and learning concentration skills to find the treasure, showing a persistence in their search. All this from 3 children playing with playdough on a table!

I hope this gives you a little more insight into what we do and why.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Paul and the 'BusyBirds' team.


A week of mixed emotions for Preschool! We have said goodbye to lots of our School Leavers and had a fabulous Graduation ceremony on the lawn to say well done and what an amazing year they have had! Thank you everyone who came.

Preschool have had a week filled with many different activities. We have focused solely on child's interest this week and it has taken us in many different directions. A few of these include, working together to build a rocket ship out of junk modelling, and doing lots of research into space and rocket building from books and online. These incorporate several parts of the early years curriculum including 'Personal, Social and Emotional development' - working together, 'Expressive Arts' - creating and building, 'Communication and Language' - discussion about what the children need where and why, and 'Understanding the World' - Using technology and knowledge about the world to create something the children wanted.

The children have had fabulous exploration with paint and messy activities, encouraging mark making through all that we do! Lots of paint in the garden in the beautiful sunshine and creating gloopy landscapes for animals to play in! They've bathed all of their babies who were looking a bit sorry for themselves. (Preschool are still on the lookout for any newborn baby clothes for donation please to add to our role play).

Preschool have had a lovely week together. The children have all been amazing with lots of looking after and being kind to the younger children we see in the garden, often inviting them in to Preschool to play which is just fabulous!