Messy Munchkins


Last week in Daisies, the children have been having lots of fun with their small world and role play toys. The babies enjoyed playing with the cars and garage, pressing all the different buttons and pushing the cars down the ramps.

Daisies also had the dolls out, which the babies really enjoyed playing with. One little boy liked pretending to feed the doll some pasta! He also used the empty shampoo bottle to pretend to wash his hands.

The children have been getting messy as always, having lots of fun with the shaving foam. One girl was crawling through it, lying in it and rubbing it all over her hands and legs!

Daisies spent some time in the garden too, where the babies loved pushing the bikes around and listening out for the aeroplanes flying over!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Dragonflies have had a very messy week!

The children started off the week with some shaving foam, exploring different textures. This was a continued theme throughout the week with Dragonflies then exploring paint with lollipop sticks and their fingers. They enjoyed using different ways to make different marks! Dragonflies even had a go and practised doing some shapes to with the older children. The children then did some free painting choosing the tools they wanted to use!

Dragonflies have enjoyed been enjoying their time in the garden, especially when it rained and left lots of puddles! The children got their puddle suits and wellies on, so they could jump and splash with their friends.

Dragonflies have said goodbye to some of their friends as they are moving up to Busy Birds. We wish them farewell and they will be missed, however they will love Busy Birds and making new friends!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Incy Wincy Spiders have really been focusing on all things messy last week and making marks using different materials.

The children have been using pens and pencils throughout the week to make marks on paper, wherever they were, outside or inside. Incy Wincy also really enjoyed mixing together paint and shaving foam outside in a big tray! The children loved getting very messy and using the paintbrushes to mark make in the shaving foam!

Inside Incy Wincys used a variety of things to get creative in their mark making. The children used some sponges with water on the big chalk board, which then moved on to a group painting using all the different rollers! Incy Wincys ended their week with some flour play. The children explored he flour with their hands and spoons creating lots of different marks!

All of these activities are great for the children's gross motor skills and using big arm movements to make marks while having lots of fun.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Don't rush, squeeze! That's it, a little more, squeeze it! Trust me it will come out! Apart from the potty training, this was actually about squeezing Playdough in our hands as hard as we could. We watched it 'ooze' out of our fingers, looked at our fingerprints, noticed patterns, and as one boy put it - smashed it!!!! Why not? It was all about strengthening our hands this week. You may have seen throwing activities - even after all these years, I still use what the children choose - note to self - use bean bags not actual blocks, my reactions are getting slower with old age!

Crawling activities, small construction or our favourite, pipette painting. This activity was brilliant! Once the children grasped the concept of how a pipette works, they loved it. It started as a simple finger strengthening activity which led to colour mixing, mark making or how quietly they could drip the water onto our shoes before we noticed!

Recipe for the perfect playdough -

In a bowl mix together 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, a glug of oil, some food colouring and water until the ingredients have combined to make a dough. If it is too dry add some water, if too wet add some flour!

Please make this at home, make whatever you like - snakes are always good but please make your child squeeze, finger prod and smash the playdough thinking about how it strengthens your child's arm, wrist and fingers.

Moment of the week - When a child saw his best friend upset when he was leaving to go home, he turned and said 'Don't be upset, you can have my muzzy' and passed his friend his comforter! HOW UNBELIEVABLE, that a child at the age of 29 months would forfeit his comfort for his mate!

Enjoy the photos of everything else we did last week.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Paul and the BusyBirds Team


Another great week in Preschool.

The children have been interested in the ocean this week so we have transformed the book room into an underwater calm space, with fish, hanging jellies and and ocean scene. The children have talked lots about how to protect the oceans and how important recycling is to stopping the problems with rubbish in the oceans. So lots of time has been spent in this area!

Along with the ocean Preschool have been focusing on mark making in lots of forms using different materials to see what marks they could make. Preschool have done this mostly on a large scale as this helps to develop the children’s gross motor skills and muscles in their arms and hands, in order for muscles to then grow and become ready for writing and more fine motor skills in the following year. The children have used pens, pencils, pincers, sticks, animals, stamps, bottles and themselves to make wonderful creations (which have since been used in the ocean room as a backdrop).

Some of the children have been focusing on using lego and pin boards to help develop their fine motor skills and the children who will be staying with us in September have been looking at the first part of Preschools Letters and Sounds programme which is all about Listening an Attention. The children have used listening games with a CD player to encourage this children to sit in a group and attend to an activity for a period of time, whilst really listening to a sound and finding the matching image. This is the first section of learning to read and write as children need to be confident to sit and listen in order to take in information about more complex writing down the line. Preschool will be using instruments and lots of other activities this term to support this attention skills.

The children had an afternoon making cakes on Wednesday, and tried lots of different fruits on Friday with tea!

A lovely week in the sun!