Learning through our senses


Last week in Daisies, the children have had lots of fun meeting some new babies that have started, making sure they become happy and settled.

Daisies have also had lots of fun doing some sticking using the feathers. The children loved feeling the texture of the feathers, watching and trying to put the glue onto the paper to stick the feathers on. One of the little boys enjoyed picking up the pot of feathers and pouring them onto his head! This made us all laugh!

The babies have also been playing with each other especially the older ones trying to smile and pass each other toys. Daisies have also been interested in looking for hidden objects and giving the children lots of praise when they found them.

Have a good week!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been enjoying the great outdoors come rain or shine!

Dragonflies were very lucky to go for a walk in the sunshine to the park at the beginning of last week. The children enjoyed challenging themselves to see if they could walk up the mini rope and climbing ramp to the slide. There were lots of smiley faces as they whizzed down the slide!

Midweek Dragonflies didn't let the rain spoil their fun as the children all put their wellies and splash suits on to jump in the puddles. Some of the children jumped so much they fell in the puddles and began to giggle!

The children also enjoyed getting very messy with glitter and glue making beautiful marks, and pictures! They loved using the spreaders to move the glue all over showing good control. The children then like pouring and shaking the glitter to create lots of colour. One little girl ended up pouring the whole tub of glitter onto her paper!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Another fun filled week in Incy Wincy Spiders with lots of exploring and expressing ourselves, and lots of messy play!

A favourite toy that the children have chosen to come out a few times last week has been the musical instruments. Experimenting sounds and volume, the children loved playing with the xylophone and the piano. One child was singing 'twinkle twinkle' while playing the piano.

Incy's loved feeling the playdough in Busy Birds on Monday, so on Tuesday Incy Wincys made some playdough ourselves. The children lived mixing the ingredients and then playing with it afterwards. They enjoyed feeling the playdough, one child was very excited saying "ooh" each time he put his finger in the playdough.

The children loved playing with oats. Some were sitting in it, picking it up and sprinkling it on the floor or their head, and filling up containers with the oats. Incy Wincys had lots of fun playing with waterbeads, feeling them in their hands, bouncing them on the floor and squashing them. The water beads were bouncing everywhere!

Outside, Incy's loved playing in rain, splashing in puddles and running around. Lots of water play, using our pouring skills which shows good coordination.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Along with Jelly play, colour mixing and dancing games the majority of Busy Birds week was spent talking about, looking for and making creepy crawlies. The children have had a real interest in insects last week which led to some lovely activities. Many visits to the front gardens to look for bugs and investigate where they live - some even made it back indoors where we made little houses for them. We made big spiders using tissue paper and straws. The children snipped the straws to make 8 legs counting them as they stuck them on. Busy Birds also made butterflies using playdough along with snails, worms and my favourite 'a snail without a shell' which did make me giggle. We also had a lot of fun when we jumped like insects - the children were laughing and measuring the distances that they could jump and some even made comparisons making comments on who can jump further. So many stories were read, with the children being encouraged to explain what they could see happening in the pictures which really helps their story telling abilities especially during role play. Whilst having a picnic role play this week one little girl bought me 'apple' 'orange' then looked at me and said 'more'. This may not seem that special, but this little girl is learning English as a second language and for me listening to her speak and role play with confidence means all the hard work over the last 2 months has been totally worth it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

BusyBirds Team


Last week Preschool have continued to make their own solar system. The children have been making their own paper mache planets and decorating them to look like the ones in our solar system. Preschool have been learning about the ‘gas giants’. There has been lots of talk about gravity on Earth but that there is no gravity in space. Preschool have also started to make a new sun as some of the children decided that the old sun wasn’t big enough!!

Preschool have been focusing in their Math skills recently. The children have been talking lots about shapes and sizes, what is big, what is small and what is tall etc. The children have really enjoyed making lots of playdough and using this to make their own different shaped ‘cookies’ with Preschool’s new shape cutter!

Have a good week!