Let’s get creative!


Daisies have had lots of fun last week! The children have been doing lots of messy play with pasta, oats and sand putting in different sized containers.

The children have also been very creative, we have been doing lots of painting and decorating for the cards we made for their friend’s birthdays and Leanne leaving.

Garden time is the babies favourite time, so they have also been out in the garden playing with their new toys! The slide is everyone's favourite at the minute - the children love whizzing down as we say 'weeeee'!

The sensory toys have been a big hit. The children love looking at themselves in the mirrors and giggling. Daisies have been practising their gross motor skills by throwing the balls around the room.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


The Dragonflies were very busy last week!

They started the week off in the very wet rain running around and splashing in lots of puddles!

The Dragonflies have also been doing lots of painting, a big group one on Wednesday where the children created lots of marks for the display! On Thursday the children also did some cotton reel painting. One little girl decided to use her hands instead which created a beautiful picture!

Dragonflies have also been engaging in role play especially with the tea set using the play knives and forks to cut up the pieces of food. This helps the children during mealtimes to encourage them to use their cutlery. The children have also been busy with the pots and pans, mixing and stirring lots of different things. They first started off with pasta mixing and pouring it into lots of pots and then the children had flour which made lots of mess!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Incy Wincy Spiders, the children started off the week on a very wet day. They got their coats, all in one suits and wellies on. Some of the children enjoyed splashing in the puddles, others liked scooping up the water with the cups and pots from the water trays.

In the middle of the week Incy Wincys did some mark making with the paint sticks. The children did very well at using a whole hand grasp to make marks on the paper. One little boy loved the texture of the paint and was rubbing it between his fingers.

Incy Wincys have been encouraging the children to be active. The children started off with the steps and ramp in the room, climbing up and sliding down. Incy Wincys then went outside and even over to Dragonflies garden to do some climbing. This really builds up their core strength.

The children ended the week with lots of fun with shaving foam. It was all over the table, the floor and on the children. All the children loved making marks in the foam and they really enjoyed the feel of it!

Have a great week.


Last week in Busy Birds, the children have been doing lots of messy play and getting very creative! Busy Birds started off the week by watching reactions with the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The children loved seeing how the vinegar changed when the bicarbonate of soda was added!

One afternoon Busy Birds closed all the blinds and turned on the light box! The children loved using the coloured splats, watching them light up when they placed them on the box. This was a good opportunity for a couple of children to practice their colours.

One of the highlights of the week was making our own parachute! The children helped to create and decorate the parachute and then they all waited very patiently in the garden to watch it float down from the top floor window - unfortunately it got stuck on the fire escape! – however, they all found it very funny!

To round off at the end the week Busy Birds had a day filled with lots of glitter - glittery water and glittery flour! We do apologise if your child is covered in glitter, but we can assure you they had an amazing day!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


A very calm and involved week in Preschool last week.

Preschool have been focusing solely on the children's interests this week in order to fully get to know each one of them. So, there has been lots of play dough, some fabulous creations from different coloured play dough as well as some weird and wonderful recipes being thought up! This is great for the children's "Expressive Arts and Design - Being Imaginative" as they are making up their own role play scenarios often from experiences they have had in their lives at home.

Preschool have also been doing lots of real cooking leading on from the play dough creations. The children have made cakes, biscuits and explored different ingredients. Not only do they get to bake and try their cooking (after a healthy tea and fruit), Preschool also look at where certain foods have come from in the world, or how they are made. For example, with flour, the children read the story of the 'Little Red Hen,' which talks through the different stages of making flour. This helps to support the children's ‘Knowledge of the World’ and educates them in where their food comes from, rather than simply a supermarket!

We continue to welcome new Busy Birds into Preschool with lots of extra visitors always welcome! Have a great week!