Mess, mess and more mess!


Last week in Daisies the children have been exploring different textures and materials. The babies had so much fun with the shaving foam, exploring it with their whole bodies! They loved making marks with their hands, feet and legs. They were slipping and sliding all over the floor!

Daisies also had fun with some ice. We froze some water balloons, which ended up looking like eggs. The babies loved touching the ice with their hands- some were a bit shocked at how cold it was! One boy was getting very frustrated when he couldn't pick the ice up, as it kept slipping out of his hands!

Daisies have also enjoyed spending some time in the garden, playing with their Dragonfly friends and having fun in the sand pit. Some of the older babies are also getting good at rolling the balls back forth with us, which kept them occupied for some time.

The babies have shown some good sharing too, often handing different toys to each other, especially the sensory balls and the cars.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been very busy!

The children started the week off doing some yummy fruit tasting. They tried some blueberries and grapes - they couldn't get enough of them!

Dragonflies have been building and strengthening their physical development with the big Jenga blocks, encouraging building big towers! Of course, the children had to then knock them over. This helps with their coordination and you can also build their communication by counting!

Dragonflies have also been obsessed with reading last week. One little girl would find the same book and wonder to each staff members for them to read! The favourite books seem to be the singing ones and ones that we feel! Don't forget to visit Munchkins’ library by the office if you'd like to borrow some wonderful books!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders have had a great week.

Incy Wincys started off the week with some sand play. The children loved scooping up the sand using the spades. The children did really well at sharing and taking turn.

Incy Wincys have had some new children starting, who still need a bit of confidence with walking, so they have had been using the walkers inside and outside. Even the children who can already walk have really been encouraging them, clapping and making lots of noise to help their friends.

Later in the week, the children enjoyed making some playdough. They did mixing and pouring and loved playing with it after. Incy Wincys then used tools to make marks and lines in the dough.

The children ended the week with some sticking and gluing, some of them were able to use the glue sticks to leave marks on the paper. The children really liked sticking different materials on to their paper.

Please don't forget we have a lending library in the entrance to the office, that you are all more than welcome to use!

Have a great week.


Last week Busy Birds were very busy!!

The children have done a lot of messy activities like playing with jelly, doing some races with cars and paint, playing with balloons and making cakes.

One activity which Busy Birds did really enjoy was the bottle with sand. The children went to the garden and hung a bottle filled with sand on a string. Then they made some holes on it and the children observed how the sand was leaving marks on the floor when the bottle moved either by the wind or by being pushed by the children!

The children’s favourite activity last week has been the volcano. They've been building the volcano using paper rolls, glue and water. Then Busy Birds painted it and waited very patiently until it was dry. Once the volcano was fully dry, the children helped to carry it into the garden and Busy Birds then created an eruption using a bottle of coke and Mentos! The children loved watching as the ‘lava’ blew up and came out of the volcano with lots of comments on how amazing it was!

Hope everyone had a lovely week. Busy Birds are looking forward to another fun filled week!


In Preschool, a few of the children have made boats last week out of all the plastic material they could find in the setting! The children carefully helped to cut out and create little flags to add to the boats, then they raced them across turf trays of water in the garden. This incorporated talk about floating and sinking which can link to the children's "Maths" development as well as bringing in some basic information about recycling and how we should get rid of plastic safely in order to keep the means safe! Preschool explored some of the recycling books we have and asked the children to go on plastic hunts around the setting to see if they could decide what is made out of plastic and what isn't.

Preschool took groups of children out onto the front garden over the week. We were focusing on the children's physical abilities, getting them more confident with the climbing dome and practising their gross motor skills with running, jumping, and throwing actives, all great for the children "Physical Development," but also a great way to ensure they are learning to keep focus and attention, as well as listen to an adult and follow instruction - an important part of their "Communication and Language development," which in turn helps support their early Phonics and Maths.

Preschool have changed their role play from a kitchen area to a doctor’s. We have lots of children who have had or will soon be having their 3-year-old jabs and have spent time in hospital themselves or have family members in hospital. Having a role play which represents something that can be quite daunting for children allows them to ask questions and explore the area before going to a place they may not feel comfortable in, such as a surgery or hospital. We have images of bodies and how they work, books, mark making equipment, and images of real-life hospitals, along with dressing up and toy medical equipment to experiment with. This also links in to the "health and self-care" section of the curriculum as that explores how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. The children have had a lot of fun trying to listen to each other’s heart beats and wrap each other up in bandages. It is in the end room if you want to come and have a look around, some great treatments have been going on for any ailments you may have!

Lots of lovely play out in the sun, group games, singing and lots of fabulous role play.