Outdoor explorers!


Last week in Daisies, the children have enjoyed playing in the tunnels! The babies had so much fun crawling through them, and it was lovely to see how aware the children are of each other. Some of them would go over and join in, smiling and laughing with each other! It is very important to provide children with toys that involve physical activity, as it encourages them to move and use their bodies in different ways.

Daisies have also been really enjoying the animals this week, with the cows being the most popular at the moment. We have heard some 'moo' sounds, as well as lots of 'rraaahhh' noises for the dinosaurs and tigers!

Our babies are starting to find their voices and are becoming much more confident. One little boy was pointing at lots of different toys on the shelves that he wanted to play with. If we weren't getting the right toy, he would shake his head and point again!

Daisies have also got lots of noisy babies, who love to shout and babble away to themselves! It is important to repeat any sounds that your babies make, as this will help them to develop their language skills.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week Dragonflies have loved being in the great outdoors!

The children have been practicing their climbing skills by going up the steps on the activity cube by themselves. Dragonflies have been getting their puddle suits and wellies on to splash in the puddles! Some children got a bit too excited and fell on their bottoms in the puddle, laughing lots!

Dragonflies have also had a few visits from wildlife this week which got the children interested and excited. The most popular was a snail slithering down the wall. Maybe you could go for a nature walk and see what wildlife you can spot.

Don't forget the nursery library by the office is free to use, so please come and have a look!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week has full of fun in Incy Wincy's!

Incy's enjoyed fruit tasting that they did on Wednesday. They loved trying new fruits. There was kiwi, lemon, lime, mango, peach, blueberries and plum. One of the children loved the lemon, whereas the other child put a whole lime in his mouth!

The children enjoyed finger painting. One of the children got stuck into it, so much so that she got paint everywhere. It helped them feel the texture of the paint and then the paint on paper. Also helping them with their mark making. Maybe you could try this at home!

Incys loved playing in the garden, splashing in the puddles and mark making on the walls with the water. One of the children copied an adult by making a handprint next to it.

The children really enjoyed role playing last week too, especially playing with the tea set, cutting up the food and then putting it into a plate giving it to their peers. Incy's have had lots of fun looking after babies this week too, putting nappies and clothes on them and giving the babies their bottle.

Have a fabulous week.


Last week Busy Birds were very busy working on their physical development with different activities!

The children worked lots on their gross motor skills playing in the garden, doing some jumping, climbing and running. By the end of it all, they were exhausted but it was great fun! Busy Birds also played with tunnels in the main room doing some crawling. The children also did some pouring with rice of different colours, always a well-loved activity and a great one to get them developing their gross motor skills!

Busy Birds have also been working on their fine motor skills using their hands to do different activities. For example, matching colours in different tubes using the tweezers and trying to use the scissors with just one hand to cut some playdough.

Let's see what this week holds for us!


We have had a very productive week in Preschool. The children are all so buys on their own thought paths and interests we have been doing so much. The way we run Preschool in this 'free flow' manner allows children to fully explore and extend their own interests with our support and that is the best way they can learn. An example of this is; we have several children who are fascinated in building and construction and through this interest we can teach them the entire 7 area of learning. The group of children used foam building blocks to create a zoo area for our toy animals, they then decided that the wall they built wouldn't be strong enough to hold the dinosaurs, so they needed cement (mixed sand and water). We experimented with different amounts of sand and water to get the right consistency before construction. Once the adult had moved away from this activity, the group decided they needed bigger blocks, so collects the large wooden unit blocks and decided instead of making an animal enclosure, they would make one for themselves! They worked together to create a den space in the garden room and played of over an hour, building, reshaping, taking different resources inside to play with and inviting others to join. A fabulous example of how letting children explore their own interests can lead to hours of engaged, excited play.

This week we have continued our interest in colour mixing, with most children creating a colour wheel looking at 'primary' and 'secondary' colours. We have used gloop and different batches of play dough to solidify this knowledge of colour mixing. We've made lots of wonderful recipes using sand both inside and out and done a bit of edible cooking as well.

A really fabulous week in Preschool!