Rainy puddle jumping!


Daisies ended last week by having lots of fun in the garden! The babies loved the water tray and did so much splashing. They were soaking wet when they came back inside, even with their puddle suits on. That's a sign that they had a good time!

The children also did some cling film painting, which they enjoyed! The babies had lots of fun squishing the paint with their fingers. Cling film painting is meant to be mess free, but one little boy managed to peel the cling film off and got paint all up his arm!

Last week the children have enjoyed lots of small world play. First, Daisies had the animals out in the flour, which was lots of fun! The babies found it funny when we made the animals stomp through the flour, making lots of mess. We also heard some animal sounds, but they all seemed to say 'rraahh'!

Daisies have also enjoyed playing with the cars, pushing them across the floor, and along the wooden road. Although the road didn't stay in one piece for too long!

Have a good week!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been very musical! The children have really warmed up to Monkey Music and have been joining in. The children really enjoyed dancing and using the instruments at the correct times, for example using the beater the bang the drum! Having rhythm is helpful for the children has they get older as it helps break down sounds and helps their communication.

Dragonflies have also been doing lots of hiding. One little boy used great thinking and moved the box so he could climb in the wooden kitchen to hide!

Chalk drawing seems to be other favourite thing, especially in the garden! One little boy found the chalks and began drawing on all the Gruffalo animals. Dragonflies have been very busy outside finding any puddle possible in the garden and getting super wet! They've been using lots sounds and words such as "wow" "splash"!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


A great week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

The children ended last week with a big group roller painting on the floor. All the children loved getting involved and making different marks. They took turns using the different rollers which helped the children to learn to share.

Incy Wincys have been doing lots of drawing with the felt tip pens. Some of the children were trying to take the lids on and off themselves, which is great for hand eye coordination!

The children have had lots of different types of blocks and toys for stacking this week, helping them to be creative and to help with their concentration.

Incy Wincys ended last week with a group sand play, again taking in turn to scoop and pour the sand using the spades and pots.

Have a great week.


Last week in Busy Birds, the children have been doing a lot of maths work. The children enjoy playing with numbers, so it was a good opportunity to practice! They did some puzzles, such as "the caterpillar" where the children had to put the numbers in order to piece the caterpillar back together. With this activity the children learned about numerals, sequences and the colours. They love this puzzle! Busy Birds have also been playing with peg boards to practice with counting, as well as practising the colours and the patterns. With this activity the children also get to practice their fine motor skills at the same time!

On top of all the counting, Busy Birds also played with small colourful wood blocks, learning about shapes and colours, and constructed different sizes of towers.

Last week the children have also done some messy activities. They've made some playdough and have been cutting little pieces with the scissors and counting them after. The children are constantly growing in their confidence and improving a lot how to use the scissors with only one hand. To finish the week, Busy Birds can say that two activities that they liked a lot were the paint with different textures and the slime!

It has been an amazing week and we hope that you really enjoyed your weekend!


Another fab week in Preschool.

Last week Preschool have been focusing lots on their maths skills. This led on from the previous week’s Maths tasks looking specifically at numbers, but last week the children moved on and are as well looking at shapes and their properties. To begin with they have been recognising basic 2D shapes and making different arrangements with them. Preschool then introduced some 3D shapes and used the light box in a dark room to explore what shapes they could make. The children built houses and rockets together out of shapes on the light box. Not only did this support the children's maths abilities but helped support their attention and listening skills and sharing and turn taking.

Preschool have created new role play spaces in the end room, a doctors, a cafe and a baby space have all been made to create a mass role play room. We often have children spending time in hospital or family members how have so it's important to make these areas accessible for them to explore in their own safe space at Preschool. We have a few expectant mothers here too, so we have lots of new baby books getting children ready for the new arrivals! It’s always important to let us know if something important is happening in the child's home life so we can then help support this during their days here. Preschool have a mass of wonderful books and role play ideas we can use, for example Preschool moved around a few months ago... We found lots of cardboard boxes and packed up Preschool and moved it around to support a few children who were moving at the time! It was great fun finding all our resources again!

The children have made play dough, played in bubbly water, explored all sorts of puzzles and many more activities throughout the weeks following the children's main interests!