Creative minds, messy hands


Last week in Daisies, the children started off with a bit of role play with the tea-set. They loved exploring all the different items and had fun pretending to eat all the food! One little boy found it very funny to pretend to feed Kirsty, giggling and saying, 'nom nom nom'. The children also spent some time feeding all the teddy bears. They seemed to like the fruit best!

Daisies have also seen lots of independence from our older babies. One boy tried very hard to put his own sock on but kept getting very frustrated. We also have some children who are taking their first steps, so that is very exciting, and I'm sure it is very fun at home too!

There has been a lot of quiet and one-to-one time last week too. The children have all enjoyed looking at books and doing lots of singing. Daisies also had the puzzles out, which the children enjoyed, trying very hard to put the pieces into the correct spaces.

Of course, Daisies can't have a week without getting messy, so the babies have had fun with flour, sand, pasta, rice, painting and drawing!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been very creative.

The children loved our new train table which 2 members of staff made with the spare pieces of the wooden tracks and glue! The children loved finding a train and pushing it around the track, especially down the bridge.

Dragonflies also had a new mini music table arrive last week which the children got very excited about. They all sat around it, sharing the beaters, shakers and bells. The most popular part was hitting the triangle and symbol.

Another favourite was, of course, climbing! Dragonflies have had a few climbing inside on the kitchen, so we have been encouraging it more outside. One little girl climbed up the steps and then sat on her bottom to go back down.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


A very busy week in Incy Wincy Spiders.

The children started the week with some chalk drawing on the big chalk board. They loved making marks using big arm movements with the chalk.

Incy Wincys had lots of fun making some sensory bags. The children used lots of different textures, including paint, shaving foam, conditioner, sequins and spaghetti. They picked different items and put it in the bags. The children enjoyed feeling the different sensory bags.

The children have had a day of playing dress up. There was had doctors, nurses, chefs and builders. They loved trying on different hats and some of the children loved the handbags and carrying them around. Incy Wincys started to talk about jobs with some of the children too.

Incy Wincys ended the week with some painting with brushes. The children were painting into cling film then when they had finished, we printed their work into paper. One of the children looked at them both and said there's 2 now.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was all about science. The children have specifically spent time looking at how things work and why things happen.

This began with learning what would happen when different ingredients were mixed together when making play dough. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to learn about measuring and turn taking as everyone took turns to add different ingredients to the bowl. Play dough also offers the chance for creative play and developing fine motor skills, play dough is great for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squashing, rolling, flattening play dough all develop children’s muscles and encourage pre-writing and other skills such as cutting with a scissors, using a tweezers and holding a pencil.

The children also delved into learning about weights with Sarah. By collecting a bunch of different apparatus Sarah looked at why things float, and others sink. This was a great way to introduce new descriptive words and progression of language.

The children also enjoyed some science activities with Cameron including making our own rain clouds where the children used shaving foam and good colouring to look at how rain comes through clouds.

What a great week we've had in Busy Birds! This week we are going to look at different holidays with Halloween and thanksgiving coming up!


In Preschool last week the children have been reading and looking at traditional stories. They have been using the puppets to retell the stories with their friends and even beginning to make up their own!

Preschool took the children out in the front garden and went on some listening walks, which has been supporting them in their Phonic awareness. These walks are great for getting them to begin to think and listen to all the different sounds they could hear in the environment, encouraging them to distinguish between them. When the children arrived back in Preschool from listening walks, they then drew on paper what they could in here to make wonderful pictures.

Whilst out in the front garden Preschool also went on the climbing dome. The children used their observation skills to look at wild mushrooms. They also found some very white and big spider webs!

Preschool have also been up to lots of other activities last week too. They made their own pizzas with muffins for tea, using ham, cheese, peppers and mushrooms (not the wild mushrooms!). The children also looked at different animals and their different features and putting them into groups of their normal habits. We spoke about what they liked to eat as the children had an interest in the animal’s different diets.

Have a great week!