Musical Munchkins


Last week in Daisies, there has been lots of messy play out which the babies loved! There was shredded paper, oats, rice and pasta and sand! The babies love making marks with their fingers and hands. Daisies have also had the dark den out for a few days. Some children prefer to sit in there and play and some children like playing peekaboo with their friends!

Also, last week the babies have had their photos taken! Some babies had very cute outfits that they brought in which was very nice. The babies had so much fun having their photos taken however some of them were a bit weary and didn't want to show their beautiful smiles! We hope that you liked the photos! :)

The babies have also been out in the garden. The adults put on their wet suits and off we went! The babies loved going on the slide and playing in the water tray with the bubbles. They loved popping the bubbles with their fingers as we say "POP!"

We hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been very busy as always!

They loved practising their sharing and taking turns throughout the week. Some of the children have shown off how they know their friend’s names and how they can use them when playing, for example "friends turn".

The children have also been practising drawing using different drawing objects. They started off with chalks in the garden. The Dragonflies really enjoyed this and its handy that the chalk washes away. The adults encouraged them to draw lots of lines and circles. Inside Dragonflies got some pens and began practising their lines some more. The children really got the hang of it and one little girl was so engrossed she was lying down drawing away! This is something which you can continue at home.

Dragonflies were fascinated in the golden gloop and loved getting covered in it, instead of using the spoons provided!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Another fun week the children have had in Incy Wincy Spiders.

Incy Wincys started the week with lots of fun and dancing with the musical instruments. The children loved playing with the new instruments, and the children made lots of noise. Some of the children also enjoyed dancing to the music their friends were making.

At Monkey Music on Tuesday, the children got to play with the coloured scarfs. They each had their own scarf to hold and they played a great game of peek a boo with the music. The children thought it was great fun using the scarf to hide!

In the middle of the week, Incy Wincys have been playing with the threading blocks and cotton reels. Some of the children decided to use the blocks and cotton reels to build towers and the others had a go at threading with the beads on to the string.

Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without going into the garden, which is always lots of fun come rain or shine! Incy Wincys have enjoyed water play, balancing on the big blocks and taking turns riding around on the bikes.

Have a great week.



Last week, the children have been really busy in Preschool. They have been doing different activities, having a good time with their friends at the same time as that the children have learnt new things.

During the week, Preschool have been celebrating Diwali. The adults have been talking with the children about this festival of lights which is celebrated in Hindu regions. The children have been making some lanterns, reading stories about Diwali, colouring some mandala patterns as well as watching some videos about the festival. This has supported the children in developing their interest in how people live, and what different cultures celebrate in different countries all over the world.

Last week Preschool have also been continuing with the traditional stories by doing their own storytelling. The children have enjoyed reading, listening to and storytelling ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Three Little pigs’ or ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ to their friends. They know the stories very well now, so we leave them to fill some gaps throughout the story, or we made some mistakes and they corrected us!

Throughout the week, Preschool have been continuing with their phonics work. The children have been doing exercises about describing different objects or animals which are in the room. Preschool have also been working their listening and attention with some exercises about listening animals and vehicles sounds. They are really good at it! You should try this with them at home!

When the weather has let us play outside, the children have been working their gross motor skills running, playing in the garden or on the climbing dome.

To round off the week, Preschool have been doing some crafting, cupcakes and playdough and having a fun day before the weekend!

Hope you have a great week!