Mess, mess and more mess!


Last week in Daisies, the babies have been spending lots of time concentrating on different activities.

First Daisies had the puzzles out, and the children were very good at trying to put the pieces into the correct spaces. Sometimes they were successful, but sometimes they needed our help, so would hand the piece to us! The children also had the shape sorters out, with one little boy spending lots of time putting all the shapes into the holes. He was very determined and if he couldn’t get one of the shapes in, he would try all the different holes until he found the right one! Towards the end of the week, Daisies got their ball game out. The children were very interested in this, with one girl spending so much time putting the ball in the right place and watching it roll down, getting very excited!

Another popular activity has been the tunnels. As soon as we got them out, the children were crawling through them straight away! This is a great activity to encourage the children to take part in physical play! It's also great for encouraging the children to interact with each other, and encourages turn taking too!

Daisies have been getting creative too, making marks with the chalks. We made some lovely drawings on the lino area, but of course, some of the chalks got eaten! The children also did some lovely sponge painting, which they enjoyed doing. Some were dabbing with the sponges and some liked using different strokes to make marks.

Daisies ended the week with their friends in Dragonflies, where we made some yummy cakes for children in need!

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been getting very messy!

The children loved creating stain glass windows using tissue paper and clear cellophane. They had so much fun gluing and learning how to spread the glue. Dragonflies then used lots of different coloured tissue paper to create many colours. This was also a good opportunity to learn some colours! Finally, they went up in the windows and the children loved the way they looked through the sun! One little girl said, "I made that!"

Dragonflies then had lots of fun learning each other’s names this week! The children seem to be learning as when their friends come to nursery, they shout their names!

Finally, Dragonflies ended the week being very comfy in our pyjamas and made some yummy chocolate cornflake cakes for the cake sale.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders have had a brilliant and busy week. The children have done lots of exploring through play and creativity.

Incy Wincys have done lots of exploring with textures and lights. The children were feeling the different textures in fabrics and shells. They were looking at the fairy lights, lava lamp and glitter lamp. One of the children touched it and said "hot" then they were trying to blow it to cool it down! We then talked about things being hot and what we do when they are hot.

Incy Wincys made poppies for remembrance day. The children enjoyed painting and sprinkling the glitter on the paint. It gave the children some coordination skills. The children have enjoyed pretending and creating their own space. Some of the children have been creating a bed using the pillows. They have also been working on sharing and the space they are playing in.

The children enjoyed helping to make cakes for ‘Children in Need’. Incy Wincys loved helping to put in the ingredients and then helping to mix the ingredients together.

Have an amazing week!


Last week in Busy Birds was full of lots of creative exploration, understanding how the world works and challenging ourselves with our physical learning.

This began with Banana Bread! The children were so excited and helpful when mashing bananas, weighing and mixing the ingredients together. This was also a great opportunity to talk about what food was healthy and what wasn't. The children learned how bananas were good for their bodies because they are full of potassium which is really good for their hearts. When the bread was made, the children got to take some home but paused to talk about how it had changed and why they thought the bread had grown while in the oven.

Sticking with the theme of our bodies, the children had a great time doing jumping with Paul and an inside assault course with Dani and Sarah. With this activity they were able to learn to move in a wide variety of ways from climbing over blocks, balancing along beams and jumping safely towards the end. This activity gave the children a great chance to be a little more daring, brave and learn to take healthy balanced risks. This is such an important thing for young children to learn because everyday life is full of risks and challenges and children need opportunities to develop the skills associated with managing risk and making informed judgments about risks from a very young age.

The children also enjoyed everyday activities such as gloop, painting, playdough and flour play where they got the chance to explore the world around them using their senses. This was also a good chance for the children to be allowed to be messy in a safe environment and it gave a great opportunity for peer bonding by playing alongside their friends.

As the week wound down the children enjoyed some quiet time when reading with Sarah who quickly became a fan favourite for the children to read stories with! Reading is such an important part of a child's life because it helps to build their vocabulary and introduce them to new words they maybe haven't heard before. Reading also gives children the opportunity to make believe by pretending and ignite their imagination when talking about far away worlds like the treetops in ‘Peely Wally’ or things they don't know about while doing the dinosaur stomp!

Have a great week!


We've had a great week in Preschool.

Our focus this week has been on our fine motor skills (the way the children use their hands to manipulate materials/ hold pencils/ use scissors etc..). This is a vital part of their learning and something they will need to have developed well by the time school comes around and there are lots of activities we do to help support this. Fine motor skills start with having good upper body and arm strength, so assessing the children according to their 'gross' motor skills really comes first. By the time the children are at Preschool we expect them to be able to throw a ball, hold a bat, and use their bodies to move around in space. If they are able to do this then we can do activities such as playing with play dough and gloop to further strengthen their arm and hand muscles. This will in turn support the way they hold a pen and use scissors.

Preschool have also been engaging the children in fine motor activities by using the wood working bench to practise with hammers and nails which requires real precision and concentration, and also small saws to cut bits of wood up. We always talk to the children about safety around tools like this before the activity and they wear suitable protection such as gloves and goggles during. It is lovely to watch them on a 1:2 ratio learn to use these tools and really focus on an activity for extended periods. We used the 'sorting pie,' with pincers to organise small bits of fruit into the right segments of pie, again using good concentration and hand strength. We were threading with bits of coloured penne pasta (roll the pasta in paint and let dry and you have your own very cheap beads!) again, using their mind to work out threading string through one end of the pasta and pulling it out the other side. It has been a really interesting week observing them all at their differing levels and the children have very much enjoyed all the activities we have done. Looking forward to more this week!