Creative Munchkins!


Last week Daisies have managed to spend lots of time outside. At the start of the week the babies went over to the big garden. They had lots of fun exploring the water, doing lots of splashing! It was also fun to watch the older children running around!

Daisies also had a play in the garden with their Dragonfly friends! Daisies had fun on the slide, played with the sand and did some rocking on the sit on toys. The babies also wanted to sing 'Row Row', with some of the older children coming over to join in too.

Our older babies were very interested in the pop-up toys last week. One girl was very good at operating the push button and tried very hard to work out the other buttons too. Daisies had the puzzles out too, as these seem very popular at the moment! The babies really concentrate on where the pieces go, looking closely at the different pictures.

Daisies have swapped our playhouse with Dragonflies kitchen, which has proven to be very popular! The babies love opening all the doors, pretending to turn the taps and of course hiding toys in the cupboards. It's also the perfect height to enable the babies to try and pull themselves up, and cruise around, so it's great for their physical development!

Have a great week!


Last week in Dragonflies, the children have been very busy.

Dragonflies loved the new toot-toot set we were given by a parent. The children have been so fascinated with the noise cars and pushing them around.

The children have also been doing puzzles and attempting to place them in the correct places. The children have done very well and enjoyed using many words such as "house" "tree".

Outside the children have been exploring the cold weather and the ice! They loved feeling how cold it was, but they also loved watching and feeling how it melted!

On Wednesday Dragonflies had such fun with the coloured Playdoh. The children used spoons and their fingers to create many marks!

Have a lovely week.


Last week has been a fun filled week. The children have done lots of exploring and expressing themselves through mark making and music.

At the beginning of the week, the children enjoyed helping us putting the Christmas tree up and putting them decorations on the tree.

Incy Wincys also enjoyed mark making, making lots of lines and some children beginning to make circles. The children have had so much fun mark making so it would be good to encourage them to do some at home.

In the middle of the week, the children have enjoyed getting the baubles it's and the tea set out doing lots of role play, feeding each other with the food, feeding the babies and putting nappies and clothes on the babies.

Monkey Music has been lots of fun again this week, exploring through songs and play. One of their favourite songs is 'look at monkey', once they finished monkey music some of the children were saying goodbye to monkey.

Incy Wincys have had lots of exploring in the garden this week, exploring through playing with different textures and some role play too. One of the children enjoyed balancing on the block and is beginning to look at jumping off then too. Another child was playing with the hula-hoops, trying to roll it and then chasing it around the garden.

Have a fabulous week!


Last week in Busy Birds was quite the learning journey!

The children began the week by learning about other cultures. This was a good opportunity to begin our Christmas prep by decorating the tree and making some decorations. This gave us the chance to talk to the children about different holidays and places around the world.

Through Busy Birds learning week the children also got the chance to look at numbers. They not only looked at numbers trying to recognise them but also tried counting in sequence which was when we learned one of the children could count to 20!

As the week wound down, the children spent about it time in the garden. Some of the children pretended to put out fires in the sand pit which lead to the current hunting for sticks and using tissue paper to make their own fire. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to learn about safety and the different things that cause fires and what to do if we see a fire.

What a great week we had in Busy Birds!


The children had a great week in Preschool last week.

Last week we have been following our 'child led planning' as our main focus rather than a specific area of the curriculum. This allows us to fully give our time to each of the children and follow what their interests are, extending it in the moment and engaging the kids with what they want to learn about. A few examples of this: it always starts with an observation, "I saw the sparkly night sky last night and there were Christmas lights up there!" This was said while making playdough so we made batch sparkly play dough to represent the night sky. The children then decided to use cutters to make different varieties of cakes and cookies. One in particular had a lovely time making scones, so later that day we decided on making real scones to try for tea. This involved almost all areas of the curriculum and allowed us to fully follow a group of the children's interest fully engaging them throughout.

Preschool have been playing some group games out on the front lawn. Edu took groups of children out to climb the dome and also to explore different ways of moving and throwing to build up their core and muscular strength.

Preschool have read almost every book on their shelves last week! The children have just been so fascinated in all of the books we have, some preferring story books with traditional tales in and other spending long periods of time researching different factual books about the natural world.

Another lovely week!