Merry Christmas from everyone at Munchkins!


Last week in Daisies was very Christmassy! The children have loved dancing to Christmas music, showing off their great dance moves. They also found it funny when the grown-ups joined in. I don't think they were impressed by our moves!

Daisies also had the chance to visit our friends in Incy Wincies, where one little girl loved the Christmas tree. Her face lit up when she saw it and she loved touching all the tinsel! The children have also been doing more Christmas craft, getting very creative. We hope you like all the goodies! :)

The babies all love singing at the moment, and it is so lovely when they join in with the actions! The book corner has also been very popular this week, with everyone sat nicely, each looking at a different book. Daisies are also getting very good at sharing, swapping books with their friends.

Daisies can't have a week without getting messy, so we have been enjoying playing with the sand, flour and oats. One little girl loved the sand so much, that she lay down face first in it! She sat back up with a very sandy chin! She thought it was very funny! :)

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great Christmas!


Last week, Dragonflies have been blasting the Christmas songs and encouraging lots of different dance moves! The children had lot of fun playing with the musical instruments while dancing along to the songs keeping in very good rhythm.

Dragonflies had so much fun painting last week and much preferred painting themselves rather than the paper! One little boy was all red it was very difficult to wash off! Another little girl said she "had a beard like daddy".

The children have also been obsessed with the dollies. They got them out every day and love carrying them around. One little girl was sat rocking them singing ‘twinkle twinkle’!

Have a lovely week and we wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Incy Wincy Spiders ended last week with a lovely trip to the library. All the children loved reading the new books and doing some mark making with the pens. When we were walking back to nursery, all the Christmas lights were on and the children loved pointing at them and saying "light, light"!

All the children were super excited when Incy Wincys got a new tent to play with. The children loved sitting in there together and they all chatted away to each other.

Incy Wincys have also been exploring the different types of pasta and threading the penne onto the spaghetti. Some of the children were really good at pushing the pasta on.

The children have also been very busy with their Christmas craft. Incy Wincy Spiders really hope you enjoy the craft and you all have wonderful Christmas and New Year!


This week in Busy bees, the children have been a group of explorers!

The children had a great time exploring a wide variety of textures throughout the week. It began with some fun gloop. Using corn flour, water and paint Sarah made a fun activity that not only involved getting a bit messy but also looking at different marks and shapes as well as early introduction of descriptive words!

This continued through the week with painting and various other fun creative activities leading into water play which gave the children a chance to learn about animals who live under the sea! We spoke about how some animals can't survive outside of water.

Busy Birds have also dove into baking this week as well with some minced pies and some yummy Christmas cookies!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Preschool have had a lovely festive week this week in the lead up to Christmas. The children have been extremely excited! They've been Christmas crafting to their hearts content, with lots of sparkle and creations happening.

At the beginning of the week Preschool made some gingerbread men - a great cooking activity which involved lots of maths talk, measuring and counting. We have today made some bread! The children wanted to make chocolate bread, so we have experimented with different ingredients adding honey, dried fruits and a bit of chocolate to the mix. We shall see how it turns out and taste once cooked this afternoon!

Preschool have taken full advantage of the rain and had a great time learning about different things associated with the weather and rain. The children have been talking about water ways, drains, where the water ends up, flooding and making their own fabulous water ways and pools to splash in in the garden.

Preschool hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break together, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year! Merry Christmas!!