Welcome into 2020!


Happy New year everyone! We have welcomed some new babies into Daisies, and it is so lovely to see how well they have settled in! They enjoy exploring all the different toys and have already shown us their little characters.

Daisies have started the year by being creative- getting messy with some finger painting and using the crayons to do some great mark making. All the artwork has been put on display in our messy room!

The babies have really grown up over Christmas, with some now walking and talking! We have some real chatterboxes at the moment. Our favourite words seem to be 'hiya', 'more' and 'dada'! We encourage the children each day by using simple words, which they try and repeat after us.

Daisies have enjoyed playing with the cars this week, pushing them across the floor, as well as pushing them back and forth with each other.

There has also been lots of pretend play. Some of the older boys have been pretending that toys have been phones, holding wooden blocks to their ears, as well as the toy snake!

Have a good week!


Happy new year! The first week back and Dragonflies have been focusing on physical development! Some of the children have just started walking and some are now able to jump. Having the tents and tunnels out helps to support the children with their balance and coordination.

In the garden, Dragonflies have been encouraging the children to climb up and down the steps carefully and of course taking turns! The children showed very good control, and some was able to walk down while holding our hands. The children have loved doing different exercises with Sarah, reaching up high, reaching down low and singing at the same time!

Dragonflies have also been very affectionate to one another by playing together, cuddling and chatting away. In the garden they all crowded around the chalks and took turns taking the chalks and began drawing on the walls. One little girl said "blue", so her friends began to copy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Happy New year! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Last week Incy Wincy Spiders have done lots of exploring, role play and looking at books. The children loved looking at the books and listening to the stories. All of the children enjoyed different stories, from 100 words to Zog. Incy Wincys have all loved the trolleys that we got at the end of last week too! The children have had lots of fun pushing the babies around in them and filling the trolleys with the tea set.

The children really enjoyed exploring the water beads, small and big! Incy Wincys loved bouncing them on the floor, squashing with hands and feet. All the children loved playing with them and exploring the different texture of the beads, whole or squished!

Incy Wincys had lots of fun balancing this week. The children have been working on their coordination, jumping, balancing and climbing. They liked exploring the different ways of moving and travelling and were very proud of themselves showing the adults their great balancing!

Have a lovely week.


Busy Birds had a very busy and fun week!

The children have shown lots of interest in shapes, therefore, we have been doing some activities based around this. The children really enjoyed sorting the small shapes into the correct big shapes. This was a really good opportunity for some of our children to recognise different shapes.

Busy Birds have also been doing lots of physical activities in the garden! They all love taking part in obstacle courses. This really helped some of them practice their balancing skills and teamwork as some of the children tried to help others!

The children have also been very keen on magnets this week! They were keen to learn what daily objects were magnetic. Busy Birds found things such as tins, cutlery and various other objects to test against our magnets!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend!


What a lovely first full week back to Preschool of 2020! It has been lovely hearing about everyone’s breaks and the things you've been up to.

Last week was really been about allowing the children to settle back into Preschool, so we have been doing lots of child led activities, extending their learning in the moment from their own ideas. A continuing popular resource we have here is the mobile. This is a very versatile resource that allows the children to build anything they can imagine, and boy do they! We've had transformers, boats, cars, monster trucks, houses and robots made this week, groups of children then wanted to race the cars they had made so we created roads out of chalk on our garden room floor for them to follow. Through this activity we were able to teach then a bit about road safety, think about their communities and things they see such as shops, houses, the bus stop etc... and add new vocabulary to their minds talking about garages and mechanics for example. This focuses lots on 'Understanding the World' and is a Specific Area in the curriculum.

Preschool have of course been outside rain or shine, with lots of both happening we've been able to talk about the different weather a predict what might happen by the way the sky looks. We have tried incorporating some French to this as in our last few French lessons we have looked at different words for weather.

A lovely start back to Preschool, we can't wait to spend this year with the children watching them develop!