Musical Munchkins!


Last week Daisies have been getting very messy with the flour and sand. The babies have been using their hands to mix it all together and liked picking out the sequins that were hidden in it. They were very happy when they found the hidden treasure!

The play kitchen has been very popular as always. The babies seem to gravitate towards it, especially if some of their peers are busy having fun! They love hiding toys, pretending to wash their hands at the sink, and some of our older ones like to climb on it. Very cheeky!

The babies have been very clever, doing lots of talking and showing us where their body parts are! Lots of us know where our heads and noses are. We have also been practising saying 'ta', and some of the older ones are saying 'shoes' and 'ball'.

Daisies ended the week by doing some body painting. The children were making lots of marks, using their hands and feet. They were covered in paint at the end! We made some lovely pictures which will go on display in our room.

Have a good week!


Dragonflies ended last week celebrating the Chinese new year! The children loved colouring in their dragon and then watching them move in the breeze! For the younger children learning about different cultures and beliefs teaches them to be open about and tolerant of people for all walks of life and in the future, we hope they respect them.

The Dragonflies have also been very busy with role play last week, especially the dollies! The children's favourite toys seem to be the dollies and teddies, so we included them in the planning by teaching the children to role play with them. The children had so much fun doing this and loved feeding the dollies. One little boy loves iggle piggle so much that he had to carry him everywhere and we had to change his nappy also!

In the garden the Dragonflies have been practising getting up from sitting and squatted down, as some of the children aren't yet walking and some that are walking are a bit worried about going down from standing. This also is a little bit of exercise!

The Dragonflies seem to be sharing very well and have even been trying to share the tub which is full of flour!

Have a lovely week!


Incy Wincy Spiders have had another fun filled week, exploring, expressing themselves and mark making.

The children have loved getting the music out, expressing them through dancing and making lots of noise using the different instruments.

Incy Wincys have enjoyed role play with the kitchen. Pretending to make cakes and feeding it to their peers and the adults too! They were very yummy!

The children have had so much fun looking at books as we have alternated them. We have talked about the books and what is on each page.

Incy Wincys had so much fun splashing in the puddles when it was raining, and mark making with paint brushes too. Messy play had been so much fun this week. Incy Wincys have enjoyed exploring with flours and rice, water balloons and gloop.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Birds, the children have been very creative and musical. They got to enjoy some time with Sarah doing lots of different interactive songs. Buys Birds got to learn lots of new songs and the children all got very tired out!

The children also had some fun exploring sand and other different textures to help them learn lots of new descriptive words like grainy, slimy, wet, dry!

Busy Birds have also been developing their friendships and the adults have been encouraging the skills of turn taking through this and bond building through small group activities.

Have a lovely week!


We have had a lovely few weeks in Preschool.

Preschool are very much getting into their Phonics which includes lots of listening activities as well as learning letters formally. For the younger groups of children, we spend time with them ensuring they can sit, listen and attend to an activity which is the first and most vital part of learning the more structured curriculum such as Phonics and letter sounds. We do this by playing lots of group games which involve turn taking, listening games where children have to respond to something and my turn-your turn games. These are all things you can do at home with them to help extend their concentration. This then develops to looking at initial letter sounds, these are taught in groups of 4 so over the past month we have been looking at 8 letters which the children. These include A, S, T, and P then I, M, N and D. Some great information on the 'letters and sounds' website on how to extend this learning.

This week Preschool have been looking at their bodies! Lots of the children have had a great time playing with doctor’s role play equipment so we extended this learning and brought it into their learning through books and physical activities where we talked about how different parts of the body works. The children have drawn around each other using chalks on the floors and looked at where certain organs and systems are in their body. Preschool have been out on the climbing dome and doing activities on the lawn to make their heart rates higher so they can feel them!

A lovely and busy few weeks with some fantastic imaginative play. Preschool have moved the kitchen/ cafe role play into the garden room so are creating some wonderful play in that space too!